Death was staring me right in the eyes, we were face to face for the third time, I had dared to look back only to find  the demon of death. I was stuck in the traps of my mind, I had nowhere to go. The door to outside was closed and and the only way I could go, I would meet the fiery red demon of death standing in my way. I found myself standing in a quicksand made of my hopes and aspirations, my needs and wants and I was slowly sinking to the bottom of the pit.

The door to my freedom would swing at times, I would witness things that gave me hope and see the door swinging ever so slightly towards opening but never as much as I needed it to be. I was hopeless and stuck in this pit, with no chance of an escape, there was no way I could have saved myself, I was sure this was how I am going to die.

I was blind and deaf, with no sense of direction and it was at this moment I realized, I could still speak. I still had my words to use, I had assumed I was alone in  here, but what if that wasn’t true. Maybe, just maybe, there were other people stuck in here with me too, fighting their own demons, their own traps, what if all of them had assumed they were alone but we weren’t. So I decided to speak out, at the top of my voice, ” HELP ME! IS ANYBODY THERE? I NEED HELP!” and all I heard was silence, I lost hope, hope that I didn’t even know I had, until I heard a small shriek, ” Who is that?” it said ” Can you help?”. It was then that I realized, the room was full of people suffering like me, I saw the door swing open and hands outstretched to pull me out of this room. Now I knew I wasn’t alone in this, I knew I had someone to share my troubles, someone to pull me up from here, but it wasn’t going to be that easy, it would take every inch of strength I had left to get out of here, to turn away from the demon and escape the traps, but now I knew I wasn’t alone.

I knew I wasn’t alone.