This is the story of a boy, a boy who had to face his exams in just a few days, He was not exactly burdened by the stress of exams, he always stood near the top of his class, or at the very top. He was intelligent and confident enough to know that studies were never going to be an issue for him. His teachers were always singing his praises and his parents were always proud of their hardworking and sincere child.

In the season of examinations, he was a relaxed and chilled out person, He saw his classmates stress out and run around revising their lessons and chapters for the umpteenth time, if only they had been as regular as him in their studies, they wouldn’t have to join in this rat race and they could have relaxed at this time as well. If there was one thing he was envious of was the friends his classmates had. He was always a lonely guy, never made many friends, the few people he knew always complained that he was a compulsive liar who always lied about his studying schedule, “You study for hours, but never admit it.”, They would say. What was he to do? He never studied for more than 2 hours at once, he just couldn’t. Was he too smart? Was he too regular with his studies? He always struggled with this dilemma.

Did he need to get bad marks to prove he was a good friend? Was he just a person who was supposed to get good marks so that his parents could show him off to others or otherwise he would an object of shame? What was the point of studying and getting high marks other than making sure you are promoted to the next class, something which would happen whether you get 40 or 99 out of a 100. He found himself really alone, whenever he needed some help, his friends wouldn’t believe him and his parents just didn’t have the answers he was looking for. He continues the search for answers even today, asking people for their perspective and their views, still he remains without answers, he still remains at the top of his class but much like the millions of other students along with him, he just does it to stay ahead of the rat race,  even though he doesn’t know when the race will end or what the prize at the end will be. He still finds himself, Lonely at The Top.