Whenever someone struggling with depression searches their problems up on the internet, they are met with a plethora of opinions, voices, remedies, solutions and what not. I was no different. When I decided to look up my problem on the internet, I was first told that it was just a quarterly life crisis, something which was rising in it’s occurrence rate over the years. I was satisfied for a while but slowly I realised my problems went much deeper than that. After that the usual response was that it was just a phase, something I would get over or something that was genuinely so insignificant some people even told me that I had no right to feel what I did as it was being disrespectful to the people less fortunate than me.

After all is said and done, what I learned is that there really are no right answers to be found on the internet. Everyone has different issues, different motivations, different reasons they are where they are and to think that a person could manage to solve all your problems with their own experiences is something that’s erroneous to believe. Agreed, you won’t manage to do it all alone, it is not under your control, but unless someone seems truly helpful by themselves, don’t expect help from them. Most people will give you their own two cents on your issues without ever asking what you went through and how you felt, some will try and talk to you, try to understand your situation, choose the best approach and then try and tackle your situation, but if it’s really bad, chances are that won’t help either. But in , most cases the latter approach is successful is solving the problems that you face.

The only thing I would suggest you not do, is to hide your depression or any other mental illness behind a mask. I agree that most people won’t understand your situation, will think you are crazy or something like that but the point is that you need to get better, and you need to do whatever it takes to get better. Don’t hide it behind a mask, don’t hide it behind a smile, just be open about it, to someone you trust, someone close to you, someone you think would have the answers. Just talk. Speak out. Trust me, it helps.

It is easy to smile, it is much harder to be happy.