Every end leads to a new beginning and my end of the ‘Welcome To My Mind’ series leads to this. I don’t know what it is yet, how I’m going to handle it, how I’m going to shape it or structure it but what I do know is something like this is necessary at the moment because I fear people close to me or a lot of people for that matter still don’t understand exactly what I’m going through.

Let’s imagine I am in a locked room once more, like in WtMM, but this time unlike being in a dark room I am in a room with three doors with a person standing next to them, all three lead me to freedom, or they say they do. The first question arises, can I trust them? Who do I trust? Someone must be lying, or maybe all of them are, or maybe even none of them. How do I know? I only have one go at this.

Option 1: The person standing next to it offers help once, says they can help me and then goes silent for all eternity, never to be from again. Even though they know how hard it is for me to approach someone for help, there is no such thing as a follow through question, everything is taken at face value. This is probably because their intentions of helping me are insincere, they lack the time and the kindness it would take to help me out of this.

Option 2: The person says that they too have gone through the same difficulties I am, they too were once locked in a room and found it difficult to get out. They offer tough love, talk to you about stuff you don’t want to talk about and make you think of yourself as a worse person every time you meet them. The story they tell about themselves is obviously one of a much easier situation than yours, where they had to face half the difficulties you did, but they still consider it the same thing because being locked in a room is not very well understood in the society as things stand.

Option 3: The person knows you are locked in a room, but rather than offering a way out, they stay with you in the room, even though you know that is not any kind of help at all, and this is not the kind of room you want to stay stuck in, even if it is with someone else as well.

So who do I go with? Who do I follow to lead me out of the room, let’s see. I will wait for you to decide. Tell me who do I go with. Give me your opinions. Let this be like a contest of sorts.

Who will win?

You decide.

Looking forward to your replies.