I was never a Superman fan, never have been, always found him way too overpowered to be considered seriously. Seriously, the guy has every power you could hope for. Body stronger than steel, flash rays, freeze breath, he can fly, he can do anything he wishes to and how can someone like that be relatable to the average normal guy?

Then enters Zack Snyder and the DCEU. The first movie, “Man of Steel”, I will be honest, I didn’t watch it at the first go but eventually I did watch after I got to know a Batman vs Superman film is going to be coming out in a while ( I was a big Batman fan before). And when I did see it, It was like entering a whole new world, I had never seen a Superman like this before, I was seeing his emotional side, I was asking him being questioned, How would the people react? Would he be A God to us? or would he just be an outcast? So many existential question for such an important character and I will be honest I was hooked right in. I was alone, found myself disconnected from everyone else and in stepped Henry Cavill and his Superman. Someone who was looking for his place among the people, who just wanted to be normal, a normal guy with a normal life, but he could not be normal, he was gifted and his gifts needed to be used. Something that resonated with me so much, I wouldn’t say I am too gifted for this world or something like that, but I do always find myself with some expectations to fulfill.

The movie was a piece of art, a beautiful movie  ( in  my opinion), It had some beautiful scenes, the one where Superman learns he can fly ( look it up on youtube) and the one where he destroys the world engine. The sheer strength of thought and motivation Supes has to protect mankind at all costs even if it means his death. He is willing to kill the last person of his kind, to die himself and so much more even just to save the earth. So beautifully expressed by Snyder and his team. This movie really helps me out at times I am feeling really low, it gave me hope when I didn’t think I had any. It gave me a ray of sunshine in the room I had found myself locked in. It may not have healed me, but it definitely gave me something to turn to.

Realistically I know none of that would happen in real life, but even if it just for a few minutes like 10 or 15, the DCEU gives me an escape from the reality I have called my home.

As Jor-el said-

You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.