Farewells and Graduation ceremonies, something that is becoming increasing common and trendy in the recent years. Even pre-nursery students get themselves a graduation ceremony so the question arises, Why are they so important after all? Why do they need to conducted with such panache and grandeur everytime instead of just telling everyone at once, ” Off you go, off to next phase of your life, you wont be bothering us again.”

Properly saying goodbye or ending something is very very important, more important than we think. The third act of a movie is it’s most important, so many good movies have been ruined because they couldn’t figure a proper way to conclude everything (Kahaani 2 comes to mind). Books have the same issue, they always need a good ending or it always leaves a sour taste in our mouths. Actually, when you think about it, everything in the world needs a good ending, every single thing, right from our meals to our whole life. A good ending is always considered something necessary to be considered a success.

Whenever we come to the end of some phase of our lives we always wish it to end with a note of happiness rather than a sour note or even worse no note at all. It helps the cycle of the phase come a full circle. It pushes any lingering negativity out of the equation and leaves everything in a positive or atleast on a clear and definite note . Even when a relationship ends, things ending on a sour note or a note where things are not really clear among people is hard to deal with.Which is why it is so hard to deal with death of people close to us as it leaves us hurt, shocked, confused, leaves some lingering thoughts, leaves issues that can be overthought  about, and ultimately only leads to more harm than we could have thought.

Saying goodbye is very important, ending something well is as important as a good start. It shows a level of consistency that we maintain or would like to have maintained over the whole course of the relationship that the two or multiple parties shared. Sometimes a proper goodbye takes a long time to come, sometimes it takes years or months of lack of contact before we get our deserved farewell, but when it does come, it brings the bittersweet memories along. We can always have hope that things will have a good end, afterall,

A good farewell is as productive as a proper hello