The newborn emerges from it’s mother’s womb, it is warm and soft, delicate and so so precious. The warmth comes from a fire within, a fire that rumbles on as the child grows. It seems to be unstoppable when it starts, raging as a blaze within the child. A fire that can engulf the whole world within itself. But where does it go? How does a fire which has the power to envelope the whole world in it’s flames and smoke die out?

It has a simple answer, We, the people stamp it out with our feet. As a child grows he can become anything and anyone, one is free to choose his or her destiny and shape the world as they wish but we suffocate it and make sure only a few manage to escape our grasps and fulfill their true destiny. We brandish people in chains and imprison them with our restrictions. The fire is now is now simmering, it is desperate for some air, it feels suffocated, if it doesn’t get help soon enough it will die out and the child will become just another one of the cold people out there, something we already have 7 goddamn billion of.

We force the kids to choose what we like for them in 10th grade, something which decides their future, we act  like we know better than the kid for what he wants to be or what he or she can be, the average child, if he or she chooses science, misses out on the school life of 11th and 12th grade, something which is necessary for someone’s character development and stress management skills. As this circus goes on, we manipulate the fire within the children, we tell it where to go, where to burn, how much to burn and as time goes by the fire just gives up and puts itself to a silent and peaceful sleep. Now it’s gone, the child is just another one of us. Now the child will do the same things we taught him or her to do, rules we taught them, and stamp out the fire in their own children. That’s how the circle of this circus goes. That’s how it has gone on so far, and that is how it will continue. it may be sad or negative, but it is what the truth is and always will be.

And hence, the fire which could have changed the world, now simmers in the ashes of the fuel it burnt out, surrounded by the boundaries imposed on it by the men and women who just thought they knew better. But maybe they were just afraid of letting the flames free.