Batman Vs Superman was a film that was panned by the critics for being too dark and having a complex plot, it was not fun enough, had a complicated storyline and didn’t seem easy to understand and demanded a lot of constant attention to understand. Most of the people didn’t bother to see it after it and many didn’t like it when they did. There are a few people though, like me, who loved it. It was an amazing movie for us and although we are a small community we consider it one of the greatest pieces of art in recent history. I will talk about why I love it so much, why I relate so much to so many elements of it. Let us begin…

The Artistic impressions and the music: Right from the beginning the movie starts with the poetic lines from Bruce Wayne, the music accompanying it, the amazing way the movie is shot and the opening sequence. The artistic background to the whole movie, the poetic backdrop, it is all just amazing well done.

The loneliness of all the characters: Bruce has always been lonely, but at this time even Superman finds himself alone, everyone questions what he does even though he does it with the best  of intentions, even when he saved Lois, she was critical of him and wanted him to stop. He finds himself alone in this world. Everywhere he goes, people question him and want him to abide by their rules. Lex Luthor, the main villain is lonely as well, and wants to kill the aliens he thinks is trying to take over the world.

The moral dilemmas each character faces: Bruce has been fighting crime for 20 years now, he is torn and worn out, he has already lost Robin to The Joker and he is broken to the point that he just does not care and is forgetting the line between the good and the bad.

Bruce Wayne: We’re criminals, Alfred. We’ve always been criminals. Nothing’s changed.

Alfred: Oh, yes it has, sir. Everything’s changed. Men fall from the sky, the gods hurl thunderbolts, innocents die. That’s how it starts, sir. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.

These lines just show that Bruce has been changing/ has changed and Alfred can’t seem to control this change in him

Superman wonders whether he should even bother saving people if there always will be collateral damage which he cannot stop. Is it even worth all the effort? He can save people but cannot save everyone, he can’t always keep everyone happy and in a world where he has been considered the modern incarnation of God, is he good enough to be up at that level?

Lex Luthor and his obsession with God: 

Lex Luthor: See, what we call God depends upon our tribe, Clark Jo, ’cause God is tribal. God takes sides. No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from Daddy’s fist and abominations. I figured out way back if God is all-powerful, He cannot be all good. And if He is all good, then He cannot be all-powerful. And neither can you be.

Lex hates god, he believes He didn’t come to save him when he needed it, and now that he has a physical form of God right in front of him (Superman), he wants to destroy him, kill him, show the world that God is not all that we make Him up to be.

Luthor’s wordplay: The guy’s dialogues are amazingly written, he plays with words so well

Lois Lane: You’re psychotic.

Lex Luthor: That is a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds.

Lex Luthor: And now God bends to my will.

Lex Luthor: The (k)night is here.

Lex Luthor: …. your ship for the world to see the holes in the holy. Yes, the all mighty comes clean about how dirty he is when it counts.

And these are just a few examples

The Martha Scene:  I have already written about how important a word and how much a simple word could mean to a person ( What’s in a Word). This scene is so amazingly heart wrenching, it is crazy.

The metaphors:  The movie is filled with metaphors, poems, easter eggs and so much more. It is amazing how much they managed to soak up in one movie.

I could go on and on about this but maybe I should stop for now, I will continue to talk about it and continue to write, hopefully nothing untoward happens to stop me from writing.