Crying. One of the most normal human emotions. Something that happens when people have too much stress, too much pain, and when we cannot take it anymore. We cry it out. Tears well up in our eyes and roll down our cheeks. The dam breaks and brings with it a stream of sorrow as the water flows down from the source of our eyes and descending down to our chins. The salty tear carries our worries along with it and we slowly come back to our usual happy selves.

Crying is something that should not be looked down upon,  it is natural and it is okay, you know what is worse than having to cry about something?

Wanting to cry and not being able to because that is how dead you are inside yourself.

The inability to cry,

A hell-ish experience in itself. It is like all the emotions inside trying to get out,

they well up in there

Like a jar filling up with water and it reaches the peak but it doesn’t flow over, it just keeps taking the water in itself and just keeps filling up, more and more and more water fills inside the jar but it JUST DOES NOT FLOW OVER.

It is a different kind of hurt when that happens, the pain is different altogether. When you can’t even express your emotions no matter how much you want to. But last night, something wonderful happened. I don’t know whether it is the work of my medicines or what, but last night, after a struggle of many months, last night I finally cried.

Last night, the jar finally flowed over, and the water fell. The water fell on a barren land that had been devoid of any kind of water for months, it had cracks showing up it seemed that the soil would never see any water ever again, but last night, the water fell, in slow motion almost, slowly from the tip of the jar to bottom of the barren land, flowing through the cracks, like rain to the most drought hit farmer in all of land. Last night, the tears fell.

The tears fell, down my cheeks, reddening the retinas of my eyes, red as the evening sun, it had been so long since my tears had met my eyes, the meeting was magical and in that moment the tears that seemed to have dried up, fell down and in that moment, the first tear, the saltiest of them all, also turned out to be the sweetest one.