Hey everyone, I have some news today from the Doctor’s office, Today I learned I am suffering from Borderline Personality Traits, it is what causes my depression to last for as long as it has because depression doesn’t normally linger this long in a person. It is the underlying causee of my depression.

I  don’t understand the term quite well yet although I have heard about it from various people, The treatment I have been told, will come from me, there are no medications, only therapy and myself have to fight against it, I am trying to understand the problem as well, if anyone on here has better understanding of the situation, you can be of help.

My prescription has been changed as well, I am going off the anti psychotics for now, so not crazy anymore I guess (Yay!?) and my depression has been given a final diagnosis as being a major depressive disorder or clinical depression as it is known commonly so I guess people who have been living in denial of my problems can now quiet down and try and understand that I am seriously ill and their denial and advices are going to be of no help to me.  I will continue to fight against my illnesses and try and rally as many people as I can to help me in this battle, it is going to be a long fight, it might take weeks but more probably it will be months before we see any results of the medicine so I will need your support in the long term and hopefully I can come out of this on the right side.

This will be the hardest battlee I have ever fought, I am afraid if I use the term ‘Personality disorder’ among the general public they would reject me, like some did when I talked about my depression, I need your suggestions, Should I be publicly talking about it like I talked my depression? Or should I just keep it limited to this one post?

Looking forward to your opinions.