Today it has been two months since the day I decided to come out about my depression. It has been a roller coaster experience since then, in some ways I do regret the decision to go public, but when I see how many people are now talking and now aware about depression and what it is like to have it, I feel like I may have been helpful to someone, somewhere in the world. I have worked my way to educating and creating more awareness among people about how common depression and what are the ways it can be avoided among teenagers and people going through crucial phases of their lives.

I have given an interview on national television as well about my struggles so far and how I have been fighting them. If you want to, you can check it out here. (I am the guy in blue)

The day I made the first facebook post, I had so many people who I hadn’t talked to in ages telling me that they had previously struggled with depression as well and how they got better. I realized then that depression was more common that it seemed and that people needed to learn about it. Two months on, I still have people who after watching my interview, share their previous experience of depression. That is what the point of my posts and awareness campaigns is, people should be comfortable enough to share their experience with people, they should feel comfortable of their pasts, and comfortable of themselves as well.

I hope more and more people talk about it, more people become more aware of it and with time we can break the taboo around depression and other mental illnesses.