Every day we make thousands of choices, right from the moment we wake up, to what we eat, to the people we talk to. All the choices we make, are actions that come as a consequnce of our past experiences and the things we learned from them. Our choices also lead to inevitable consequnces that effect us and other people around us or maybe even far away from us. As the Chaos Theory suggests, one small action can lead to large, previously inconceivable results not just when it comes to weather but with also the choices we make in our lives as well.

In an ideal world, every action that we do, eveery choice that we make would lead to a consequnce that effects us and not anyone else. If we do good, good happens to us and if we do bad, bad happens to us. This is the basic belief behind the various beliefs like Karma or Justice in the universe. We believe that there must always be a balance in the world, good reaps good and bad reaps bad, but that is how it would happen in an ideal world but as Science has proven, we don’t live in the ideal world but in the real one.

Here, things we do, don’t necessarily come back to us,  whether good or bad, criminals get away with their crimes and saints and social activists spend their whole lives without ever achieving anything or getting any recognition for their efforts. The choices we make, the coonsequences we face, never really happens because of what we did, it maybe intertwined with the actions and choices of some other person which is why we get a sense of injustice and feel bad about things that are not under our control.

This is why I ask everyone who reads this to always be careful and aware about their choices and their actions, things may not effect us but they may always be having an ill effect on someone else while we are completely unaware of it. I don’t guarantee that if you do good only good things will happen to you, but I ask you to do good things, because they are the good things to do, not because you want something in return from them.