Ever since I went public about my depression, I have met many different kinds of people. Some tell me about how they suffered from depression as well, some give me advice on how to tackle my problems and how to manage them and some try and give me those cliched advice to get over it, change my city, follow a guru or other stuff like that. Among all this, there are people who choose to stay silent, the thing is I know that they do support me, but they stay silent about their thoughts. I try and work out what goes on in their minds, maybe they are afraid of being disrespectful, hurting me or having a negative effect on me. Maybe they are just scared of thinking about it, or something like that. I have spent so much time thinking about it, trying to figure it out but I just don’t understand it, why would someone choose to stay silent on such an important issue, or not want to talk after knowing about this.

The thing is, the majority is always silent. Whether we talk about politics, religion or mental illness. A few people share their personal opinions on either side of the spectrum and the silent majority reads on, watches the show as things unfold, unwilling to stand up and be counted, to be a part of something, to bring some change. The majority is always busy watching a play they can change at anytime if they wish to, but choose not to and later cry about how they would have done things differently at the end of the play.

Ever since I watched 13 Reasons Why, I have seen a lot of people, the majority actually saying how Clay Jensen was the guy Hannah should have talked to and how he was always there for her, but the thing is, he wasn’t. He was a representation of the majority of the society who know that something is wrong, who know that there are problems, who can see it with their own eyes but they are just cowards who would rather not do anything then claim being innocent and blaming other people for the inevitable misfortunes that come along. I don’t know about politics, neither am I going to comment on them here, but when it comes to mental health, I would say this, staying silent helps absolutely no one. Staying silent wouldn’t make you any less guilty if something untoward happens

So to conclude I would just say, if you know anyone with depression, talk to them, ask them how they are, ask them how they have been doing.


Just do something.

Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

It may give you a clear conscience but that is not what the truth is going to be.

Say whatever you have to say now, don’t be afraid of the consequences, take some time, think about what you want to say and then say it.