Since time immemorial, we have always been taught to be kind to others as much as possible, earlier people were told to be kind so that they can achieve salvation and go to heaven, then came the concept of karma and we were taught to do good things so that we can have good stuff later in life. In order to have good things happen to you, you needed to do some good stuff first. Ever since mankind evolved the capability to have its own individualistic moral compass and the concept of good and bad, there have always been incentives to do “good” things, although the definition of good remains subjective and available for any person’s own judgment. As I said earlier, the incentives are many; heaven, salvation, karma, peace etc. People were always told to be kind in exchange of something for themselves. Some would say this is a selfish approach as a person should be kind irrespective of the consequences or lack of them.  Let us talk today about the motivations that go behind a person doing something kind and how it can change a person’s world, view of world, the way they look at people and how they think in general.

One kind thing can sometimes lead to wonderful things, giving a cold person a coat he/she can’t afford, feeding a hungry person, just offering to help a person who has been going through a tough time and finds himself alone and so many small things that can change a person’s day, though not their life but it will at least be one day they spend in their life less miserable than the other days or weeks. The question really comes down to be that does a tiny nice thing, which brings short lived and temporary relief or happiness to someone, really matter? People have different opinions on this, none being more valid than the others. Some would say that doing something which doesn’t bring any permanent or critical change to someone’s life need not be done. The opposing view of course, being that we should just do our work and not worry about the outcome or long lasting effects of our actions.

Understanding that we should not treat others badly just because they didn’t meet our expectations about how they should have done something, or that someone did something we consider bad or harmful which leads to animosity towards the other person and makes us think that it somehow justifies us treating them worse or even hurting them, whether mentally or physically. Something that I believe we need to accept is that we should not mirror the actions of others; we must be an inspiration for others and an ideal to strive towards.

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My thinking about this topic has been volatile for a few months now. I don’t really know what the right thing to do is; the kind of a person I should be versus the person I am. This topic really leads to a lot of self introspecting questions that one must think about at some point in his/her life. Something I would suggest everyone to do as soon as they can. It helps us understand ourselves and human nature better than before and if you can get the opinions of various people using a survey you could form a chart as to how most people think.

Yes, it is true that sometimes we must be harsh to others and do some things which may be considered rude but it really comes down to what you are willing to do to make sure something like it doesn’t happen again. Small nice things can lead to big changes in someone’s life. It could help mend estranged relationships; make people talk to each other again even though they haven’t talked to each other in months, maybe even years; it could even help someone cope with their problems and come out of whatever troubled times they find themselves in. If there is something you have desired for months and years, maybe and most probably, the one sure way of getting it is to be kind and affectionate, whether it is to yourself or someone else. Kindness really does lead to a lot of things and opens up doors for new relations.

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At last, I would just say, there are some questions that we need to think about ourselves and reach a conclusion which puts us at peace. Some people believe that we can change the world with an ARK, an Act of Random Kindness at a time. Be kind, be randomly kind if you decide to and if not the world, you will surely end up changing your life.