*This is a piece of satire and not meant to be taken seriously*

There is something wrong with society nowadays. People seem to be romanticizing and glorifying physical handicaps. Everywhere you go, you see people demanding places to be made accessible to handicapped people or to be “disable-friendly” as they like to call it. I don’t get why people need to give these people special treatment like they are some different beings than us, like somehow they deserve more respect than we do. There is a big call from the next generation to make stairs have those little weird chairs that help an old person get up the stairs in case they have any difficulty. I don’t understand that, back in my day, we used to carry our old ones on our backs if need be, we didn’t let them sit on a chair and be comfortable! How can we allow that to happen?!wc.jpg

People now take some kind of pride in being handicapped, as if they are at peace with who they are and what they have to live with. It’s disgusting to see personally, how can you be normal or act normal when you aren’t? These people like to be treated as special snowflakes and think that just because they don’t have a leg; it would be okay to ask for special treatment when working out in a gym. If you want to do that squat, you do that squat without asking for any help. That’s how things work; otherwise you need not come here.

There are so many movies and TV shows being made around the whole concept of people being handicapped or sick. Why do you need to make movies about them? These people are sick, they need help, not your meaningless glorification.

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Even at sports events, it has become so common to see people with cancer or on wheelchairs being lined up with the biggest sports stars in the world, all that attention just because they were disabled. It’s ridiculous. Now normal children will see them and want to cut off their leg just so they can meet their favorite sportspersons. Is that the culture we want to raise our kids in? A culture where people are awarded for being handicapped. It won’t be long before we hear news of people getting their leg broken or getting cancer just so that they can be famous and receive all that attention from the society, almost as if, they need that attention.


People should focus on other problems and not try to focus on two problems at once. That is totally not possible at all. I know because my whole life I haven’t been able to concentrate on multiple things at the same time so it seems pretty safe to make the assumption that 8,000,000,000(billion) people I share the planet with must be exactly like me. People should focus on my problem more than other problems. My problems are more important, I am not looking for attention at all and who would do that? I just need someone to give me their focus, and focus and attention are two totally different things. So in summary, things should not be glorified, but those things should be glorified which I want glorified. Nothing else.


—————————————————-Satire Ends———————————————————

I wrote this piece today to understand and/or question the people who say talking about mental health and illnesses is in some way glorifying it. There seems to be an unfortunate trend that any show or series or movie or blog or news or anything for that matter, being made about depression and suicide is invariably leading to romanticizing the same. Maybe the people who say it and I differ on what the definition of glorification is, or how an illness should be properly depicted. The thing with mental illnesses is that they come in so many shapes and sizes that it becomes difficult to depict something so vast in volume in a few episodes or pages or articles. People have tried, and people will continue to try but there will never be a write answer to this. Just because I haven’t written about poverty or illiteracy or the gazillion other things plaguing humanity right now, doesn’t mean I don’t care about them. Change has to begin somewhere and I’m trying to bring a change to this.

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