Kal, Kal, Kal, Kal, Kal.

That is all I hear every time some humans come to meet us. Kal is this, Kal is that; well Kal goes invisible when you turn the lights out so who is more useful huh? He peed on me the first day I arrived! I didn’t even know who this giant monster was and the guy pees on me? My main human started laughing at me when he peed and said that I did it. He didn’t just commit a doggy crime, he also got away with it.


Well enough of complaining about Kal, it is time I introduce myself to you. I am Coco, the younger sibling. The fitter one, remember that.

images (7)I was told by my main human that Kal even got a blog of his own. This is an age of equality and equal opportunities. Now we pugs get equal chances to prove ourselves to the world and showcase our talents and intellect as much as we can. Ever since I first arrived in my main human’s home, he has been a kind person. He lets me lick his face even though the human’s human tells him not to. Kal has covered a lot about how weird these humans are. I am not going to repeat any of that. Today I just want to introduce you to my world. The world of the younger sibling, (Is Kal even my sibling??) the overpowered, trodden, beaten younger sibling. This blog today is going to be about the things that go through my mind, an intellectual pug’s mind.

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Kal is the stupid pug of the family. He can’t run, he makes a mess when he eats and he doesn’t know what to eat and what not. When it comes to thinking capabilities, I must admit, I am a level or two above the average pug. A normal pug would just go about his life, pooping and peeing where he likes to, eating what is fed to him and drinking what he is given to drink. I, on the other hand, like to question things, where does food come from? Who cleans up my poop? What if there are other humans, other than my humans?

images (6)These are existential questions that any pug must have in his/her life. Unfortunately, I am surrounded by too many idiotic pugs to ever find out the answer. Sometimes I just sit in the grass and wonder what would happen if I didn’t bark at the mailman. Would he just go away like any other normal human? Is he even a normal human? I like to make things easy for my humans, when I poop in the garden I make sure to do it at a distance from everybody’s eyes, after all, shame and self respect is something only a few pugs would have. Kal on the other hand just runs around like a dummy, jumping and hopping around as if there was no tomorrow.  When my human goes away for a while, he jumps on me and thinks his weight could hurt me, little does he know, I am faster than him, and have the better hair. There is nothing he has over me except for his irritating habit of snoring that wakes me up at night and I have to paw him once or twice before he comes back to his senses.

Maybe I am going to be like this for a long time, having no one to have intellectual discussions with, no one to bark at when things get interesting and not even someone who would question life and belly rubs like I do. Until the time my human finds a suitable pugess to mate with me and pass on my DNA to the progeny, I guess I will have to make do with my fatter, dumber, slower brother(?).images (5)

Oh and Kal wanted me to let you know that he is going to be writing another blog this week, so you have that to look forward to. He seemed happy when he heard about the great reviews his blog got, then again, he was also equally happy when he managed to get down the stairs without falling over. So as the pug dialect says, ” Ruff Ruff Yipp Grrrr”