It has been a decade since the last government was exposed. Their assets have been shut down, their leaders are in prison and a new government has taken its place. The fate of the Extraordinarii has been similar as well. They never really worked together as a team since the last expose, the team was not officially disbanded but they have met a lot of criticism and skepticism about where their loyalties lie. Do they serve the government or the nation? Do they have selfish motivations for what they do? Can they really be trusted after all they have done? These questions have prevented Extraordinarii to come back together as a team, each member has now had to go on their paths. Rajeev or Dr. Indus as he was known to the masses rarely ever makes a public appearance. The blow from the time he figured out the truth about how the previous government had used him hit him so hard that he found it difficult to ever trust a person’s wishes again since then. He now works on his own research in special labs used by DRDO and ISRO to put his mind to better use and maybe change the future of humanity not with his god-like power but with his intrinsic understanding of the universe. He is treated like a god by the masses, all powerful and all knowing but Rajeev himself feels a little cut off from the rest of the world. Haefer is now a political lobbyist to promote science and fund research into ways to prevent or improve safety measures in case of a nuclear fallout among the major powers of the world. Aryan now is a private investigator but still maintains his respect and understanding of the rule book and does everything within the parameters of the law. A hero when people don’t really understand what that word means anymore. The world on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have changed much in a decade. There was a period of peace as the world recovered from the lies the previous government had told the world for their own gains. It lasted for about 3 years before these men started threatening each other with nuclear war again. They used to think destruction of the whole mankind was somehow going to be a retribution for the crimes of their ancestors but that was erroneous. 10 years on, the world and its politics seem to have reached the same place from where it began. Corruption has taken its roots again, crime rates are increasing and people are killing each other in the name of their God again. Humanity it seems; can never really be permanently changed for the better.



“You’re out of your mind. What sort of a monster are you to have thought something like that up?” Furcifer said in a trembling voice. He was speaking to a man he had known for years. They had worked together on many missions and now the choice he had been giving was too cruel. Even for someone as rogue and shameless as Furcifer, this seemed too bad.

“Now is not the time to hesitate my friend. We can do this together. We can achieve peace on Earth in our time. You can’t say you don’t want to do that when you have given up so much just for that.” Said a similar composed voice.

“No. I’m not working with you on this. You are a monster. This is not going to work.” Furcifer replied.

“Well…That is a shame.” Replied the voice.

Suddenly Furcifer received a punch to his gut from the back. He should have seen it coming but he was too disturbed by the proposition he had just heard. A fist fight ensued. Both of them were matching each other punch for punch, dodge for dodge. Two friends who had worked together for so long and now only 1 of them was going to walk out of this room alive. Furcifer knew too much to be left alive now; it was either his life or a chance at peace on earth. As all this went on, Furcifer was clearly the weaker one, there were not many people on this earth who could beat him in a fist fight, but when you hear what he had, you would find it difficult to grasp and focus on a fight as well. He was fighting a losing battle and just then he got the final blow, a kick to his torso which flew him out of the window of his apartment and there he went, A man who had lived with no morals and committed war crimes. He fell to his death from the 34th storey. It almost seemed to be in slow motion but Furcifer was at peace, he was finally seeing the end of what he knew was a miserable and pointless life.



Rajeev was involved with his research work. It had been about a decade since he decided to stop being a hero and provide for humanity using his scientific aptitude rather than the great power that was thrust on him. He was working with Haefer here. Ever since the government changed, Haefer had become a lobbyist pushing for greater funds for scientific research and he had been granted a special fund of a few million dollars to carry out the current research. Working for ISRO researching the possibilities and repercussions of a nuclear war, Heafer was working alongside Dr. Indus here. If the world got to know that India was preparing for the afterlife of a nuclear war, there would be chaos and sanctions against them. This was a secret project which only 3 people knew about. Haefer, Rajeev and Aryan. Rajeev was not a regular here; he came here from time to time. Most of the time he stayed aloof in space visiting various galaxies and planets and understanding the complexity and endlessness of our universe. He no longer cares about anyone. He is tired of being treated like a God. He is just tired.



The police were on seen. This was a brutal murder. A man who was considered a superhero had been plunged to his death from his own home. The police ruled out suicide because there was no way someone like Furcifer would impulsively decide to do something he himself despised. Aryan was on scene as well. He had never considered Furcifer a close friend. Honestly, Aryan despised him. He was everything Aryan stood up against and yet he was considered a hero. Despite all this, Aryan was concerned when he learned that his ally had died. Were the Extraordinarii being hunted one by one? Was someone seeking revenge? There were no answers to these important questions which is why this murder needed to be solved. When they got to the murder scene, Aryan saw a battlefield in Furcifer’s home. The couches were turned over, glasses shattered and furniture seemed like it had been thrown around like toys. Whoever did this was no ordinary man. Just then a cop shouted out, “ I got something here.” It was a note, one that was printed it said,

“Justice is served. Criminals should be killed not celebrated. The truth has prevailed”

The last words sent a chill down Aryan’s spine. He knew a person who was obsessed with the truth, someone who would go to any length to know and expose what the truth was.”Must have been someone he knew, the door lock is open and hasn’t been broken, he let his own murderer in.” observed a cop. Another cop called out, “I got the reports back and the fingerprints are not a match in our databases. It must be a professional.” Aryan could see what was going on. He knew a person who had his records deleted from every database on earth, someone who had served time in prison before and was a professional killer. It was his other ally, his friend,


It wasn’t going to be long before the police put 2 and 2 together. Aryan couldn’t believe what was going on, Extraordinarii were now killing each other. He didn’t think Aletheia could ever do something like this, he was Aryan’s close friend. He didn’t seem like that type of guy but the world was changing and it seemed that Aletheia had changed his ways as well. This was the point at which Aryan decided to lead a parallel investigation of his own and search for what truly happened.



“Must find the traitor…..cannot let him win….must be a clue here somewhere…” muttered a muffled voice as it went through the shelves and cupboards of his home. It was Aletheia. He was going through every inch of his own tiny, dungy apartment, still wearing that signature mask of his. He was being hunted by the police for Furcifer’s murder, it wouldn’t be long before they came knocking at his door. He needed to remove any evidence that may have been there. There was no one he could trust except for Aryan maybe. He was running out of time, he needed to search his house, scrub it and leave as soon as possible because he could hear the sirens wailing in the distance now.

“Where is….Where is it!?!” Aletheia was losing his patience now and time seemed to have run out as he could hear footsteps climbing up the stairs outside. He had limited escape routes, the window in his room and the only door the apartment had. Something about all of this was off though. It had only been about 30 hours since Furcifer’s murder. There was no way the police could have figured it out so soon. He had made sure to leave as little evidence of him ever being there as possible. Something was fishy but he didn’t have the time to think about that right now. Suddenly, he heard banging on his door.

The police were here and they were going to break into his home any second now, he had only three options, surrender, run or hide.

“Never surrender, no matter how bad it gets, never let yourself get caught by the enemy. Die, but don’t surrender.” He muttered to himself as he looked around his home frantically for possible escape routes.

Time was up

The police barged in as two files of commandos with their rifles locked and loaded ready to take their suspect dead or alive.  Just then a stream of fire confronted the leading commandos. It was Aletheia holding a perfume with a lighter in front of it. He had decided to take on the commandos head on and either escape successfully or die trying. He got through the first few commandos but there was a complete platoon waiting for him by the stairs. He got to the stairs and jumped straight down the hollow space through the stairs. He was falling through 20 stories of stairs, the commandos by the stairs could only watch in amazement as a shadow appeared momentarily beside them and disappeared down the stairs into darkness. The commandos on the top floor rushed down to help their injured companions, the rest chased him down the stairs looking to catch the masked man. They were going as fast as they could, jumping from one level to the next there were only 1 or 2 flights to go. He couldn’t have gone that far. Right then, the chief investigator ran into the coming commandos.

“What the hell are you doing here, he is upstairs! Look for him there, don’t come running back down like cowards.” Said an angry chief.

“But sir, we saw him go downstairs, he had jumped from the railing and was falling down. There is no way you could have not run into him if you are coming from the ground floor.” Replied a commando.

“Oh shut up! He couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air. You lost him. 1 man against a whole platoon and you lost him! Bring the wounded down and get them to a hospital. 2 of you stay up and search the apartment, he must have left some clue up there. The rest set up a perimeter of 6 blocks and don’t let anyone out of your sight if you think they look suspicious. We cannot afford to let this man run free.” He ordered as the troops started their cowardly retreat.

In a few minutes, the apartment building was deserted. The commandos had been left red faced as they managed to get out-smarted by 1 man. As the last soldier closed the door of the building behind him, a figure appeared from the dark of the railings of the staircase. The figure climbed the railing and gave a good pat to his clothes to get rid of the dirt. It was a moment of self assurance and peace in what had been a rollercoaster day, well more like a constant roll off of a mountain side with many tumbles in between. It had only been going downward and it was always something worse than before. Aletheia had managed to see off the cops for once, but there was no way they weren’t coming for him again. He had hung himself between the stairs of the 2nd and 3rd floor. Luckily for him, he ended up right in the sweet spot where the chief ran into his troops. One glance downward and he would have been made. He got lucky this time but he wasn’t going to always get lucky. He needed to do something, and he needed to do it fast. There was no one he could go to in hard times. Furcifer was dead. Haefer and Rajeev seemed to be in worlds of their own with no regards for anyone else. Aryan was the only option he had left, although he didn’t know how he would react to his presence but he needed to see Aryan right away. There was no other way.



Aryan was pacing through his office. He couldn’t comprehend what was happening. He was going through all the evidence in front of him. Furcifer had been killed, by Aletheia. What could possibly have happened that made Aletheia do this? And that too a decade after Furcifer had participated in his last mission. It seemed fishy, but it also seemed to fit together perfectly. He wanted to get in contact with Rajeev and Haefer but Haefer was working on his project in the Arctic and Dr. Indus was off on one of his universal trips.

Aryan faced the window of his office and looked on at the dawn rising on a city decaying in its own waste and being consumed by the corruption of its public servants. He had grown a light despise for men, but he never let anyone down. He always helped someone whenever he could, wherever he could and no matter what was at stake. The people he had given up so much for, and yet here he stood, on the precipice of a nuclear war. Men slaughtering men for the illusion of power. He found it disgusting. Just as he was getting lost in his mental soliloquy, he heard a creak behind him. He turned around to see a familiar face, rather a familiar mask. Aletheia had arrived, probably to surrender himself, Aryan thought.

“What have you done, Aletheia?” asked a livid Aryan. “Why would you kill him? Why now? Why did you have t kill him NOW?” Aryan went on.

“Listen to me, I can explain….” Aletheia tried to explain himself as he stood there but Aryan was not in the mood for any of that and said,

“Do you know what you have done? I should hand you over to the police right now!” Aryan ranted on and on.

Aletheia was running out of patience, he was losing his cool and impulsively held Aryan by the collar of his coat and pulled him closer.

“Listen to me. I have been set up. He was dead when I got there. He was the one who had called me to his home. He wanted to talk about something but by the time I got there, he was already dead.” Aletheia finally spoke out as he got his chance.

“You left a note you idiot.” Aryan said, still in the grasp of Aletheia’s strong grip.

“That wasn’t me! You have to believe me on this Aryan. I did not kill him.” Insisted Aletheia.

Aryan’s phone buzzed on his table. It was the Chief of Police.

“I have to get that.” Said Aryan as he struggled to speak through the hold of Aletheia’s palms. He hadn’t let Aletheia off the hook but knowing his love for truth, the chances of him lying were miniscule. A seed of doubt had been sown into his head. He picked up the phone. As he was talking, a rage seemed to grow in Aryan’s eyes. He could not believe what he was hearing. He looked at Aletheia. This was it. The proof Aryan had been looking for had been found. He put the phone down slowly and walked towards Aletheia.

In a slow, raging manner, Aryan spoke to him, “You expect to blind me? After all the drama you create about your love for truth, you lie to me? What is wrong with you, you monster?”

“What…What are you talking about? I didn’t kill him!” There was fear in Aletheia’s voice now. It was trembling. He was afraid his darkest secret had been found out.

“You have made plans to kill all of us?! Every one. All of the Extraordinarii. You made plans to kill us?” Aryan spouted out as he couldn’t believe what  he was saying.

Aletheia gasped. It was true. He had been found out. He pursed his lips as he prepared to explain himself.

“Okay you need to listen to me now Aryan. I can explain everything. Please just hear me out. Please.”

Aryan stopped in his tracks, not calm but open to listening what Aletheia had to say.

“After I realized what the previous government had done, I realized that we too, the Extraordinarii, are humans as well. We have human emotions and emotions can be manipulated. I was afraid that the new government was going to use one of us against the public and eliminate the rest. I made a contingency plan for that. I planned how to neutralize all of us in case someone goes rogue. Including me. Please you have to understand Aryan it was something I had to do.”

Aryan couldn’t comprehend what he was hearing. It was dark, cynical and outrageous. But it was right. It made sense. The last time all of them had been manipulated and it led to deaths of thousands of people. Only one of them needed to go rogue to bring apocalypse to the world. Aletheia went on,

“Look at my size, now look at Furcifer’s. I am a midget compared to him. There was only one way I could have stopped him, if I stabbed him in the back. That is the only way I could have beaten him. I would have had to go against all of my principles and cheat someone to death.”

This made sense too. There seemed to have been a proper fight in Furcifer’s apartment, but if it was a fight between Aletheia and Furcifer, there was no way it could have gone on for so long. Aryan was getting back into his senses now. He calmed down and started listening to what Aletheia had to say intently.

“Someone is trying to pull us apart. I don’t know but I need all the help I can get to figure it out. The police will trace me here soon enough. We need to find out. You and I have to work together on this.”

Aryan’s head was spinning. Everything and nothing made sense at the same time. He had to sit down. Someone was playing them. Pulling them like puppets on strings. He needed to talk to someone. He couldn’t do this alone. Aletheia spoke on,

“If Rajeev wanted to kill him, he would have turned him into a pile of dust. No one would have even known that he went missing. You and Haefer were the only ones who could have done this. Now I need you to tell me, Where is Haefer?”

“He…he is off in the Arctic. He has been carrying out a secret research there. Only three people know about his whereabouts.” Replied a shaken Aryan. “Then we need to go there. We need to talk to him.” Aletheia insisted.

“Do you even know what this means? Do you understand what happens if we go there?”  Inquired Aryan.

“Yes. It means that either there are more people like us,rogues with superpowers and super-strength that we don’t know about or…… Haefer is the one who killed him. It is a long journey, we need to leave right now.”







Aletheia and Aryan walked towards the research centre located right in the centre of the Arctic. It had recently snowed and the snow was hence thicker than usual. They walked towards the huge gates. It seemed like the building could house a million people in itself and yet they were here for its sole resident. The doors opened as soon as they arrived. It was almost as if they were expected guests. Something about all of this felt really wrong and they needed to figure out what was happening.  They walked in and were immediately taken aback by the sheer hugeness of this building. It had every machine known to man, supercomputers calculating every single permutation in case of a nuclear war. This was the sole reason for which this facility had been created.  “ We need to find him. You go  left, I’ll go right.” Said Aryan as they started stepping up the search.

“There is no need for something like that.” Said a composed voice from the what seemed to be the roof of the building. “Come over to the Central Research Hub. You have come right on time.” It was Haefer’s voice. They recognized it, they just didn’t know what the intentions behind his actions were.

They arrived in the hub. There were many screens to their right, each over a different city across the world. There were all the major cities in the world; New York, Washington D.C., London, Paris, New Delhi, Mumbai, Tokyo, Shanghai and many more. It seemed ominous, but they had to talk to him before they jumped to any conclusions.

“What is going on Haefer? What are you doing here?” asked Aryan in a tense voice.

“Here, you can see the birth of a new era for humanity, one where peace will last for decades and not just a couple of years. This…This is a doorway to the new world.” Haefer said as he sounded like a maniac.

“Are there more people like us Haefer? What happened to Furcifer? We know you know something we don’t so you need to come clean right now.”  Said Aletheia as he anticipated something terrible to happen.

“Others? Like us? What makes you think of that Aletheia? We are special. We have been chosen for this, for a purpose, to bring peace on earth…. and on this mission, you are either with me or you are dead.”  Said Haefer as he moved closer towards the two.  “ I proposed an idea which could change the life of billions of humans and Furcifer unfortunately didn’t wish to be a part of that. He knew too much. He had to die.” Haefer was in a monologue now. Aletheia and Aryan could not understand what was going on, they knew something bad was going on but they needed to know what it was from him. They had no option but to keep listening.

“These people are bent on killing each other at every chance they get. They don’t even need a good reason. We changed the world and it changed for just 3 years before it fell back into the decadent and self-destructive spiral moving towards a nuclear war which would humanity as we know it. I have a solution to that. These people fight over whose God loves them more. I will just give them a God who hates all of them equally if that is what it takes to unite them. Love divides us because we try keeping a score on who loves us more. Hate unites us because we know that no matter who it is, they are equally hated by a supernatural power stronger than them. I will show you, fear unites all and you are just in time for a live demonstration. Every city you see on the screen has been given a gift from ISRO on my advice. Of course, they have been misled, I told ISRO it was developed by Dr. Indus himself and it’s going to stop any threat of a nuclear detonation within 500 km of wherever this device is placed. These silly little humans obviously put them right in the hearts of their respective cities.

“You think we are just going to stand here watching you do it? As you said, we are right on time and if you think we are letting you detonate those bombs you are seriously mistaken.” Said Aryan in a determined voice.

“No no no, I am afraid you have misheard me dear Aryan. You are not in time to see the countdown for the explosions begin.


I set the bombs off the moment I saw you entering this facility.

Did you really think I would give away my plan if there was even the slightest chance that you might stop me?”


People were going on about with their lives as usual in the heart of New Delhi. Suddenly the ground seemed to shake violently. It looked like an earthquake. People panicked and started running towards open ground as soon as they could. Suddenly there was an explosion of white light right from where the epicenter of the quake. A large white light, growing in its size with every second, as the ball of light grew it engulfed any and all things that stood in its way; Buildings, trees, animals, vehicles and men and women as well. Little did these people know, that at the same time, the same thing was occurring in 20 cities across the globe.

The Prime Minister of India was informed about this.

“Sir! There has been a nuclear explosion in Delhi and Mumbai. We are getting reports of such explosions from across the world.” Informed a junior officer.

“Is it the Chinese? Are they attacking everyone together? Or has North Korea finally lost its shit?” questioned the PM.

“Sir we have identified the nuclear signature of the attacks sir. It is not the Chinese. The signature …sir….it belongs to Dr. Indus. He has detonated these bombs sir. I am afraid he has gone rogue.”

The PM didn’t know what to do. The person who was supposed to save humanity seems to have taken a pledge to destroy it now. The judgment day was here and Dr. Indus, our god, had taken the lives of anyone he deemed unworthy.


Suddenly Aletheia and Aryan heard another voice coming from the roof.

It was loud but calm.

Strong but serene.

It was Dr. Indus.

“I did not expect this from you Haefer. You have disappointed me, really let me down.”

A pulse of white light started taking shape right in front of their eyes. Dr. Indus had finally arrived. He was the only one who could have done anything now. He took his form right in front of Haefer, hardly one or two feet away from him. Dr. Indus had just returned to this galaxy from another one. He was taking in all the information about what happened on the earth as he stood there. Everything flashed across his eyes, the murder of Furcifer, Aletheia’s escape and now all the explosions. He saw each and every one of them separately. Even though they occurred at the same time, Dr. Indus had the power to focus on multiple locations in time and space at the same time. He was left aghast. He could not believe what he was witnessing. He turned to Haefer and said calmly, “ What have you done?”

“I will show you what I have done. I will show you my greatest masterpiece, my piece of art.” Haefer said in an equally calm voice. Dr. Indus was disturbed by everything yet his voice was calm, but he was running out of patience. Haefer on the other hand was calm because he knew the deed had been done, and there was no way to stop him now. There was just one thing he had left to do. Haefer picked up a remote and with a single click, all the screens on the wall came to life. These were supposed to be the broadcasts of different state media. Today, at this moment, every one of them was showing only one message.

It was an emergency broadcast by the general secretary of the United Nations. In a time when the world had seen unprejudiced slaughter of its people, it was important to hear the official word on what was going on, and who better to deliver that message than the head of the UNITED nations.

Everyone in the central hub, as well as billions of people across the world were glued to their screens.

“It is with great sorrow and regret that I have to inform you that nuclear explosions have taken place in 21 different cultural and financial hotspots across the world. There have been nearly 40 million casualties from these attacks. We have confirmed that these attacks did not come from any terrorist group or any rogue nation. I am afraid that the signature of the bombs found in these cities has only one thing in common. It belongs to Dr. Indus. We had tasked him with the job of ensuring checks in place in case of a nuclear war, but it seems that he has turned his back on us and left us all for damnation. Every country that has suffered an attack has held talks with each other’s respective head of state and they have offered each other any and all help they can share to ensure safety of their people. This time, irrespective of our past differences, past conflicts, every country stands united right now to mourn the loss of these innocent lives. Dr. Indus is a man of supernatural powers. Some of us even considered him a god to us but it seems that it was the devil in god’s mask all along. We unfortunately do not know where the current location of Dr. Indus is but one thing I can assure the people of this great planet of, is that whenever we have faced a common threat to our existence, mankind has always come together to fight for its survival. Today the borders on our maps seem futile and we must come together as one to ensure the perpetuation of our species. We will remember the people we have lost and we will ensure that something like that doesn’t happen again. Stay calm and composed my friends, for today humanity stands against Dr. Indus as one. Thank you and May God have mercy on us all.”

Everyone in the hub was quiet. Haefer had an evil smirk on his face but he also could not help but marvel at his greatest piece of work. Dr. Indus tried to say something, he was stammering but he had to say something,

“I…I did not kill these people.”

Haefer promptly replied “No. I did. Look at how they come together when they see a god who hates them all equally. Every step we might have taken, every terrorist that Extraordinarii might have caught or killed in the past, none of that was going to bring a permanent peace to Earth. It was all going to be temporary, catch one terrorist and 10 would take his place. This…This on the other hand, this is going to change the world forever.”

“You really think I am going to let you lie to the whole of mankind like that? You really think people can change on a lie?” protested Aletheia. He had figured out what was going on and his instincts for the truth were coming out.

“You want to bring peace on earth based on a lie? How long do you think that is going to last?” asked Aryan joining the protest

“I know it is based on a lie and I know it comes at a price but it is still peace none the less. What is the life of a few million if it could save and reform billions of people? You know it as well as I do, my plan is working and humanity is going to change now. It has to.” Replied Haefer in his calm voice.

Dr. Indus was finding it difficult to grasp what had just happened. He did not understand what he was supposed to do next. He quietly listened and observed as the others spoke and then he spoke for himself,

“Haefer is right. Humanity is more united now than it has ever been. If people get to know the truth it won’t be long before they start killing each other again. I could be the person who did this. My actions are going to be passed down families for generations and we could actually have peace on earth.”

Aryan and Aletheia were aghast on hearing this. Haefer on the other hand was silently satisfied with himself.

“I don’t care what you think or feel. These people need to know what happened here. They need to know and then make a decision for themselves. We cannot choose how they lives their lives.” Said Aletheia defiantly.

“You will do no such thing, Aletheia.”

Everyone expected this to come from Haefer but it was not him who said it. It was Dr. Indus. He couldn’t look any of these people in their eyes. He was ashamed that he had been out-smarted like this, but he also knew that there was nothing he could have done now to save these people. Aletheia was walking out of the centre into the snow now, Aryan was beside him. Aryan was conflicted when he heard this; he didn’t know what to do. He once again had to decide between peace and truth. Something he had never managed to do.

Dr. Indus confronted Aletheia on the snow just outside the centre. Aryan was a few feet behind him. Haefer had been left inside the centre to let him marvel at his creation, or rather disfiguration of humanity.

“I can’t let you do this Aletheia. I know you were the one who leaked the reports to the media the last time. We can’t afford such a thing again.” Dr. Indus tried to pacify Aletheia.

“You know what I am going to do now as well. Only way you can stop me is if you kill me. I stand for truth and I will fight for it no matter what happens.” Aletheia replied.

“Please don’t make me do this.”

“Well go on then, you already have killed 40 million people, what is 1 more to you? Do it.”

Rajeev was again at crossroads, he was ashamed about what had happened but he couldn’t do anything about it now. He had to make sure that this peace was guarded. It had come at a cost. A friend was more valuable to Rajeev than 40 million people but he had to make a decision right now. He looked at Aletheia  and his mask. He didn’t want to do this but he had to and with one flick of the wrist Aletheia exploded into a puff of dust. Where Aletheia stood, there was only some residue there now and that was the end of Aletheia’s rebellious journey.

Aryan could not believe what he had just seen. He had seen allies kill each other for “the greater good”. He was tired of humanity. Nothing shocked him anymore. He simply walked off swearing an oath to never do anything heroic again. Rajeev was embarrassed and humiliated. He decided to leave the galaxy and never come back here again. This world was too complex even for a guy with his intelligence and talent. He was tired of earth, tired of its complex tangles and permutations. He was tired and he wanted some peace.

Hence ends the story of the Extraordinarii. They started with 5, now 2 of them are dead, one killed 40 million people and the other took the blame for it. The idealist had been turned into a cynic and he was left to live in this broken world on his own terms.


Inspired by the works of Alan Moore.