Boundaries. Limits. Something that we always say exist, but in social circumstances, they seem to be very poorly defined. The diversity of people on this planet sometimes astonishes, there used to be a time when I was fascinated by how much diversity there actually is. Some people like to stay in the safe zone, far away from those limits we talk about. They like to play it safe and stay as distant to a risk as possible. Some people, on the other hand, like to push limits. They want to test those limits and boundaries and see how far a person is willing to go. It is also important to note that if a person likes to keep it safe on some issues, doesn’t mean they don’t push limits on something else. People are hybrids of both of these personalities. The curious thing to note here is that people from these groups, who identify themselves as either risk takers or safe players, tend to have a certain repulsion against each other. If a person doesn’t take risks in something that you do, the person becomes boring or scared of trying something new. On the other hand, if a person pushes the boundaries of something you don’t, well then the said person is a brat who doesn’t have any manners.

Boundaries are not limited to just social issues. Even in science, after a certain point it becomes hard to ascertain whether something is part of a core science or not. Art and Science share a narrow border with each other in some cases. In the past few years I seem to have developed a penchant for pushing boundaries. I seem to enjoy taking things as far as I can to ensure where a person’s limit is. This concept fascinates me to be honest and that is why I chose to study psychology. Psychology lies in the grey area between science and philosophy. Some parts of psychology are purely scientific while others don’t have any repeatable proof to be considered scientific yet. I have been asked a lot about why I chose to give up medicine to study this. The truth is, I would like to know where the boundaries of science end and the realm of philosophy begins. I like such conflicts where a definition of a certain could change the significance of the whole word or subject. Psychology is not a proper science yet, if it was it would be called neurology and that is exactly why I would like to study it. These grey areas always expose the lack of understanding of a subject among mankind as a whole. It tells us how much we, or science doesn’t know for sure yet. There are many sciences out there that are core ones but psychology is special in particular because it has the potential and resources to soon be considered as a real science. Until that day comes, I will just have to learn the shortcomings of humans’ understanding of nature, of our own mind.

It is quiet obvious at this point that I also want to study psychology because of the previous mental health issues I have faced. I don’t talk a lot about them now because I seem to have improved a lot in the last 2 months but I would like to understand my brain better and try to pick out the root cause of what may have caused my depression. I do have a vague answer right now, I want a more accurate one and I am going to look for it in the books I study, the people I talk to and the teachers I interact with. Until then, This brain of mine will continue to try and unlock itself and understand itself better no matter how long it takes.