The festival of Dusshera is here and although I am not a religious guy, I do enjoy symbolism and poetic interpretation within a fictional story. In my view, the Raavana and Ram lie within us. My mind is the force of intellect and analysis which puts our thinking ability above everything else like Raavana, whereas Ram and his whole army is our emotional heart. It keeps its morals and ethics above everything and is willing to fight with anyone for what it considers to be right.

It is a fight in itself that is always going on within us, at all times, with every decision we make, we let our emotions or rationale choose. One thing that is different here is that unlike the story, good and evil are not so clearly defined in our life. If you really read into it, we see Ram as the good one because we always shear the story from his perspective, if we look at it some other way; we might find that the story lies more in the grey area rather than the traditional black and white. During my struggling phase, Raavana used to win easily and convincingly every day. It was a daily fight and my mind used to overwhelm my emotional and moral instincts so much that it seemed like they would be lost forever for once. Slowly, using other resources, using public support, which actually fought for my emotional side, which fought for the Ram of this story, helped me get back to a position where my heart could put up a respectable fight. I am not willing to say that now my emotions are over powering my rationale and hence leaving the other side too weak to maintain a balance but what I want to say is that now, there is at least a balance which exists.

The war goes on within us for as long as we live. I have written about it previously and this is just another way for me to explain what it was like in my mind during those days. It happens in all of us and the important thing is not to let emotions win but to maintain a perennial peace between the two. Dusshera is usually celebrated as the day of victory of good over evil, but for me it is signifies the establishment of an armistice between the rationale and the emotions. If you are looking for Ram or Sita in your life who can be a force of good and change your life forever, or if you are looking for someone like Raavana who is going to make you make tough decisions and challenge your morals, you are on the wrong path my friend. You don’t need to look for them outside, they are within you. You are your own Ram; you are your own Raavana.