A month ago I took up my first blogging challenge since I had started. I took part in the My Friend Alexa challenge which is organized by blogchatter.com. We were asked to post at least 8 posts in the month with no upper limits but since I have this inexplicable tendency of doing things over the top, I decided to write 30 articles in 30 days of September.

The purpose of the challenge is to mobilize a community where everyone helps each other to improve our mutual Alexa ranks. Alexa ranks various websites on the basis of the traffic coming through them. I started out with no rank globally or nationally on 1st September 2017. Today on 5th October 2017, my global rank stands at 1,648,246 and national rank at 54,955. I ended up being the 3rd biggest ‘loser’ from this challenge and it really comes down to the support and encouragement I found within this community.

I have never been good at networking or socializing and now I can say I have some people I know now within the blogging community. The question now is where I go from here and I have decided that I am going to post daily until the day my Alexa rank drops below a million. I also have a goal to reach 500 followers and I will continue to work and improve my networks until the day I do that. I will need some more support to do that from everyone especially since the passing of Coco seems to have slowed down Kal and my thinking process, hopefully temporarily.

PS: I am not totally against getting another person on the blog with me, someone who would be good with networking and publicity for the blog. So in case one of you thinks he/she can help me achieve my targets you can always get in touch.