Most of the people who have been reading the blog since the day I first started writing know that my depression started showing early signs a month before I joined PGIMS, Rohtak. 

The time I had at that collage was turbulent to say the least. I couldn’t settle in, I faced difficulties in making friends and the environment for studies there was much harsher ghan I expected it to be. I stopped attending classes about 2 months after my joining date and withdrew my seat a few months later. To say this time was difficult for me would be an understatement as I struggled with anxiety, thoughts of self harm and suicidal thoughts. In addition to all this was the pressure of clearing NEET so I could join another medical college and pursue my studies there. 

While all this was going on, a part of me had decided not to step another foot in Rohtak in the future. Well, things have changed now and I will be participating in a panel discussion on depression in the Annual Rohtak Medical Students’ Conference (ARMSCON) 2017 at PGIMS, Rohtak. I will be among many esteemed psychiatrists and people who have struggled with depression in the past. 

It will be something new for me. It is an amazing opportunity for me and I hope I can contribute and help more people understand more about mental health. I left this institute embarrassed and without any self respect. I return as a panelist.

In some ways it seems like the story of the Prodigal Son, although, there are many differences but I thought this might be an apt title. 

Wish me luck!