Hello there. My name is Max. It is pronounced as Maecks or as some humans call me Macksi or Mac. These humans confuse me a lot. They don’t seem to be able to choose a sound for me, these humans and their inability to be decisive. I was adopted by my humans about 5 months back. They seem to have kept me as a secret for a while but now they are comfortable in telling other humans about me.edf71d91911e0994784f787ae4355870--adorable-babies-adorable-animals

I have a bigger brother who is named Kal. He is so huge and bigger than me that I think I could get crushed under his feet someday. That still doesn’t stop me from trying to play with him though. I try and bite his ears and my two trillion attempts are thwarted by a single move of his legs. I am like one of those small 6 legged things that are like blackish but they can lift 50 times their weight. I don’t know what you humans call them but I like to see myself as one of those, small but hard working as hell. One day I was talking to Kal or rather running away from him while he tried to eat me and he told me about some other dog named Coco. I think he was Kal’s younger brother who went away somewhere. I don’t know where he went but from what I have heard about him, he sounds like a cool pug.

Kal doesn’t seem to be very interested in playing with me. He thinks I am just a punk little kid trying to join the big league but I will show him; my sharp teeth and mighty paws can beat anyone they face. There is no place too high and no pit too deep for me to reach him and play with him. Well that is except for the sofa he sits on for sleeping. Can you imagine the elitism that must be inside Kal’s head to not even sleep on the same floor as me?

Why is it that the top 50% of the pugs in this home get as much to eat as the bottom 50%???? What sort of justice is this?

There must be a revolution across the white small dog world to rise against the capitalist monopoly of the black large dogs. Well we can try and do that or we can just stay at home and wait until we grow up. After all at least he leaves enough food for me to eat and curd to sip on. He isn’t that bad after all but yeah he is just like this huge monster that I try and live with.

I have two main humans, both of whom stay with us for little time but they make sure that we get enough food. There is another human who meets us sometimes but he lets us lick his face so at least we have that. I like that human, he smells funny. I am assuming that human is a ‘he’, I don’t really know for sure and we must also not try and impose gender roles on people. That human has a choice to be whatever it wants to be but I like that human, I wish I could see more of him.