There are just 2 weeks left for something I have been waiting for, for about 18 months.

25th March, 2016. The day Batman vs Superman came out. I have talked at length previously about why it was so important for me to see that movie. There was so much that I learned but the moment it ended, I had just one question in my mind;

When does Justice League come out??!

At that time 17th November 2017 seemed far, far away. It seemed especially further considering what I was going through and the dense darkness that surrounded me at the time. There were just so many instances when I wanted to kill myself and although it may now seem shallow, the only thing I told myself was,

“Justice League is coming out. You cannot miss that bro. You have to live to see that. Maybe when you watch it you might find a reason to live the way you were inspired by Batman vs Superman. Hang on until then. Don’t miss out on it.”

I know it sounds weird, stupid and ultimately shallow now but the number of times I had this conversation with myself was higher than I would like to admit. I have waited for this movie everyday for the past 18 months. In the darkest days, the worst nights and the hardest moments, I have told myself to hold out just until this.

I am now in a much better place than I was but my love and anticipation for this movie has not diminished a bit. It is not like I will not have a reason to live after I watch this movie anymore. The effect a movie or just art could have on someone was something I used to make fun of before it happened to me. Now of course, my example is anecdotal at best and hence we can’t make a generalization about how art impacts everyone but for me, these 3 pieces of art, Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and Justice League are what made me want to live when everything was going wrong.

The love I have for JL is unconditional. I will love it no matter what it is so asking for an unbiased opinion from me would be futile.

I don’t know who will get to read this, whether the people who were a part of these movies will get to read them or not but it is a real experience for me. So in case you end up reading this,

Thank you! I don’t think you can comprehend the effect you have had on me but I can only try and pour my heart out on these keys and feel better as I recall the things I have been through and where I am now.

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