I’m sitting in an empty room, it is filled with souls covered in meat.

I’m trying to forget the past, scarred body and worn out feet.

I am surrounded by smiles and happiness all along, and all I can think is I don’t belong.

Words don’t make sense, the pages make me tense,

I try to look at this world from my new lens.

A student of life studying things that went wrong, and all I can think is I don’t belong.

I make some jokes and put up a smile, I make up stories and hide behind the lies.

I thought I had found something new, I now find myself returning to the old hue.

I try to talk but I lack the trust, I end up waiting for them to ask first.

I feel I’m misplaced, I feel I’m lost, all that I know is, I don’t belong.

[Image Source: Cameron Gray, Dreams of Unity. Pinterest.]