I have written a lot about how my current college is my 3rd in 3 years. The struggles I have faced in the previous colleges and the decisions I have had to make in all this time. The past few months have been full of news that is favorable for me. I have been off my sleeping pills for a long time, I am in control of my thoughts and today I completed my first 6 months in the college pending examinations. This is the longest I have been at, at any college and believe me, it is something I have been waiting for for literally years.

I could say I got lucky the third time, it could be down to the low academic stress or because I am in a better and more stable state of mind than I used to be. There are many factors that have played a role here and many people who I have to thank. Keeping that aside for a while I wish to thank my mind for just calming down a bit in the past months. It just takes things moderately now and doesn’t really analyze everything. Of course, in some ways it is a loss as well to lose the ability to instantly analyze anything I wanted but that is a trade off I am currently happy with. Maybe some time in the future, I will manage to find a way to balance my happiness and my analytical skills but I will have to put in a lot of work for that.

So this post today is to 6 months well spent, new friends made, new subjects introduced, new challenges faced and new challenges overcome. I hope this goes on for as long as I want it to.

PS: Justice League comes out in a couple of days and I just cannot wait to see it on the big screen!! My excitement levels are through the roof!