Darkness comes in two forms. We are always surrounded by them, fighting them, but sometimes the darkness wins. One is the true dark, that comes from a total absence of light. There is nothing visible around you and you are shrouded in the gulf of dark. The other kind is when we believe that the light will never come back. We wrap a cloth around our eyes and make ourselves believe that there is no chance that the light will come back. The apparent dark is more common. It is only when we lose hope that we know what darkness is. The light may fall on our skin but our mind chooses to ignore it. It trusts the eyes so much that when they say it’s dark, it accepts it. The effects of light may be visible but we don’t sense or perceive them. 

Little do we know, the light always comes back. It erodes away the cloth on our eyes like a water cute rock. It takes time, it sometimes receeds but it never stops. The light will shine on you, the cloth will be broken down and you will see light. You will join the best of the people in the sun and you will help them accomplish wonders. Sometimes you just have to wait, sometimes, the light needs your help so that it can help you. No matter what happens, sun will shine and it will embrace you.