A young man, crying, sat next to the old gentleman on the railway station.

“Are you okay, son?” the old man asked.

“Look at me son; I know things are bad for you right now. You feel lonely and isolated. Trust me, you may be occupied by darkness right now but the light is coming. Good things are on their way.”

“You seem to know a lot about me even though you have never met me.” The youngster rebuked. He noticed the scars across the old man’s arms. Similar to the ones he had given himself. “How did you get those?” he asked.

“Oh these are battle scars, from when I fought.” He replied. “I’ll have to leave right now but just remember talk to someone, or everyone maybe.”

The old man walked as the clock hit 5:09. He needed to get back now, back to his present.

The time traveler had delivered his message.