“You remember the pact we made here all those years ago?” she said as they looked on into the horizon

“As clear as the day, we decided to meet here each year on the same day, no matter what the circumstances were.” He replied

“This place always made us feel like we are at home. It gave us a sense of belonging. It was our home.” She continued.

“Yeah those were good times weren’t they?” he let out a wry smile. “I haven’t been home in a long time, Maria. I don’t know where home is anymore. I don’t think I belong anywhere.”

“You belong with me Frank. Come home. You have done enough.”

“You have been gone for 6 years now Maria. At least now I can say I have avenged you. I killed everyone who shot you and our kids that day.”

“That’s enough Frank. Don’t punish yourself now. We miss you.”

“…and I miss you, I am coming kids, Daddy’s coming home.”

The man jumped from the cliff…

Inspired by Marvel’s character, The Punisher and his Netflix series.