A few days ago I had talked about how I wish to write a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office and try and bring to notice the impending crisis that India is facing when it comes to mental health. I tried to keep the letter as concise and informative as possible. It is pretty obvious that with a country of 1.3 billion people to serve, the offices won’t have a lot of time to peruse over a 10 page letter. You can go through my letter here. It is a 2 page document and I have tried to include as many facts and statistics as I can which point to the urgent need to increase the budget for the National Mental Health Programme in the upcoming budget for FY2018.

A Letter to The Prime Minister

I don’t really expect a response to this, neither do I expect this to make a difference but it doesn’t mean that I should not try. I will keep you updated in case I do get a response to this and would be open to suggestions on how I can reach out to the government and try to change something on the large scale.


Arjun Gupta