A piece of paper has been historically known as a piece of information. Papers and the ink on them bring with themselves messaged from across the world. When I first started going to my new college, my third one, this year, I had been overtaken by anxiety again. An anxiety that I had thought would not grip me this time but it did. It was the same thing happening all over again, I hardly talked to anyone, sat alone and over all had a hard time. It was then that a small piece of paper, hardly 5×5 cm in size opened a gate for me that changed my social life.

It was the third day of classes, I had talked to only two people, I had spent the last two days planning how I was going to talk to someone, trying to make up a conversation in my head before I talked. All of this was to no avail. Something special happened on the third day, there were only girls in my class until then and if my general anxiety was not enough, the one I had with the opposite gender was even worse. They used to sit in pairs and I sometimes felt the odd one out but at the same time I would hardly ever sit with someone if I had the chance. All of this changed on the third day. The girl sitting in front of me was alone too and wasn’t really talking to anyone. On a little piece of paper I wrote down how I sometimes struggle with anxiety and how I write about mental health. That was the moment that changed everything.

We got to talking to each other, she told me about her anxiety issues as well. We found out we liked comic book movies and above all, we loved DCEU. That was when I knew I had found a friend. We talked about our pets as well and this went on for quite some time.

After I was sure I had a friend, I started opening up to others and thought that even if everyone else found me weird or creepy, I would have had one friend and that was more than I had had for the past two years. The first friend I made in two years. That day, I still maintain was crucial for me to settle in in this college. If I had had a day like that in my previous colleges, things might have been very different but I try not to think about that.

Any social life that I have today, comes down to her. So I think it’s only fair for me to write something for her on my personal blog. She is a blogger too and I shared a post by her a few weeks back which you can go through here

WTF? You have anxiety? Really??

And if she is reading this, which she probably is, I just have to say thank you, from the deepest nadir of my heart. You really did bring some change in my life, something I had been waiting for for more than 2 years.