It has been about 3 months since I lost a close friend. I thought I would be able to forget him and cherish his memories but it seems that I cannot. My little pug Coco who was about 7 months old at the time got a drug resistant infection and when I woke up on the morning of 1st October 2017, he was lying dead on the garden grass. He had collapsed while playing with Kal and there was nothing anyone could do to revive him.

I didn’t understand what to do at that moment as it was all going too quickly for me. Kal didn’t understand what was happening and I couldn’t look at his lifeless body lying on the ground for long. I still remember him and how he used to play with Kal and keep him active. EI have a feeling even Kal remembers him. He isn’t as active as he used to be and he is getting a bit lazy. I have dreams about my 3 pugs often as I just can’t get the memory of Coco out of my head.


Since Max came, people keep mistaking him for Coco and some still call him Coco and I just cannot stand that. He is not Coco, he is Max. Coco died. Something I just cannot stress enough to everyone. I keep correcting them but it doesn’t seem like any of them is willing to learn.

Max is cute in himself. He is a bucket load of energy and keeps all of us at the home engaged but it just hurts when someone thinks he is a Coco replacement and not another pug in himself.

I miss Coco, I know Kal does too but we will just have to live with it now. We will try and correct everyone who mistakes Max for Coco. There is only so much we can do. I know Coco is dead and cannot understand or hear it, but I miss that little packet of energy and how he used to mess with Kal.