Not many people know this but before I posted my story on Facebook on 14th February, I had taken to Instagram to post my story about depression. It was 5th January and I was desperate for help. I was kind of regaining my confidence but it took a lot of guts for me to post this message since the desperation was not at the levels that it was at a month later.


The response to that message was, well to be fair, what I had expected at that time, people liked it and scrolled past the caption in their busy lives and the only comment that I got was from an old friend mocking me. It was what I was sure would happen if I shared my story on any other social platform. It was disappointing and yet not surprising to say the least. I was, as I had been many times before in the past, being ignored, not intentionally but out of the simple meaningless life that I led.

On 18th January, I again posted another photo in the hope that the last time, people might have scrolled past it by mistake or that it wouldn’t have appeared on their feed and yet once again, it was just likes and some comments. This time there was a comment of support though, and that one comment gave me that little tiny bit of hope inside the dark tunnel I was in. It felt sort of good. I actually…felt…something and I liked feeling something.


Almost a month later I was afraid that my post would be ignored on facebook as it was on Instagram and in the initial hours that’s what it looked like but today I am glad that I gave it another try that day.

Instagram had not worked out very well for me, but it gave me a base to sort of push myself on from in the next few months and now…

..Here I am.

[IG: @knight.of.steel]