Have you ever noticed the grass that is outside a public place like a hospital, library or a college? We may not really pay a lot of attention to it but there is a lot of stuff and stories that a garden has to tell. It has its own history and story and it holds within itself thousands of stories of people who have walked on those hallowed grounds.

This idea came to mind as I saw the ground being laid for the new ground that is being developed in our college. The soil is being flattened for the grass to be sown and for it to take roots. It is funny when you think about it; the people who are walking on this ground right now are unlikely to also be the ones who walk it when it covered with the green luscious grass. The grass will be sown in the next few weeks and it will take months or maybe even years for it to become fully covered in the chlorophyll-filled grasses. As the years pass by, the ground will develop nude spots where grass rarely grows as the students use it as a path to walk on. The path will only develop over a decade and the path wouldn’t know the story of how it was laid or that of those people that walked on it when it was laid.

It is in some way also how life goes. We walk on paths and never know how it got where it was. We put in years of effort in order to grow a bed of grasses and then spend many years making memories on it.

Try and recall the last time you walked around in a public garden. Did you see some nude spots and wonder how they must have slowly got there as a couple walked on it holding hands, a group of friends used it to get to the other side sooner when the long walk just seemed a little too long or when the parents saw their child riding a mini bicycle for the first time as he giggled with laughter and its parents watched on in pride and love.

A public garden has a lot of stories to tell, you just have to be receptive enough to see them.

Go out to the local garden and see how many stories you can find.