There are many types of fear in the world. There is a long list of phobias. There are things that scare us in our daily lives like spiders for some, lizards, traffic and so many other things. All the fears that we have can be categorized into 5 large types of fears that are common in all human beings across the world.

1.     Existential Fear.

It is basically the fear of not being alive anymore. It is the fear of death. You know that tingling sensation you get within when you look over a mountain or when you stand on the roof of a skyscraper and look down. It is the fear in us of not surviving, otherwise also known as the survival instinct. It is something common to all humans and even all animals.

2.     Fear of Mutilation.

It is the fear of losing the normal functionality of our body parts either temporarily or permanently. It is also the fear of the pain that comes with mutilation. It is the fear of snakes, the neighbor’s dog, the possibility of secret existence of snakes that can combine with other snakes to create one giant super-snake; you know what I am talking about.

3.     Fear of Losing Autonomy.

Have you ever felt that you were imprisoned? Have you felt like the walls are closing in and you cannot breathe?  It is the feeling of not being in control of ourselves and losing control of our body or thoughts. People who go through sleep paralysis experience this often and the fear that comes with it. The important difference between the above and this is that here we are afraid of losing control whereas in the above we are afraid of losing the functionality.

4.     Fear of Abandonment.

It is the fear of being ignored and left alone. It is the fear of losing your friends and family. It is more of a psychological fear than physical one but it is as devastating as the others. We never want to be abandoned by someone close to us and we don’t like separation from someone at all.

5.     Fear of Ego-Burst.

It is the fear of losing your desirability among the society. It is the fear of humiliation, or not being good enough. It comes from both the society and an individual. An individual may feel afraid of doing of something if it means he would lose his respect in society. He might have learned this either from past experiences with society or from an inborn tendency to be liked.

I am scared of many things.  I am scared of spiders, bees, koalas with machetes instead of hands and a lot of other stuff.

There is another fear that I have. A fear that makes me more scared than anything else. It instantly freezes me for a second and makes me question every single decision I have made. It is the fear of failure. It is the fear of not being good enough and not being able to do what I wish to do with my blog.

I know I started just a year ago but I constantly feel like I am not reaching the heights or the people I should be. I get scared that I won’t be where I want to be. I am scared that I won’t help but rather end up in an echo chamber just talking about myself.

I want to reach out, I want do more but I also don’t know how or what, and that ignorance scares me.

I will be open to ideas though and suggestions. I do need them right now.