Hi everyone! This is Kal. If you don’t know me, I am the most awesomest and coolest writer of this blog. I am a 1 year old pug. My main human told me he needed me to write something in an emergency here. My main human tells me that you didn’t send in any questions for his plan today and so here I am. The savior and the hero this blog needs and deserves. I have written here before as well and so has my brother Max. You can read our work on the Dog Blog section. I know I am the superior writer out of all the ones here.

So my human tells me I need to write about q-riosity about mental health. He also told me to add some headings and sub-headings for something he was calling the Ess-C-OO. Weird guy. So I will just write some random words as the heading or something I see apt. My superior intellectual skills shouldn’t be wasted for redundant headings.

Redundant Headline No. 1

Now that we have that out of our way, a human researcher actually carried out a research into the seasonal variations of mental health queries. He found that queries for mental illnesses increase by about 17% in the winters. It was observed in both the dreamland of US and the opposite world of Australia. I actually had a friend in Australia. He was eaten by a Koala Bear. That poor little rattlesnake, I tell you. Koalas are a real menace in the opposite land. May be that is why it is called the opposite land, who knows.

Redundant Headline No. 2

Now of course, this doesn’t lead to a conclusion that seasons affect illnesses but it does give us a correlation. And as we say in the pug world,

“Bhow, Bhow, woof, woof, woooooof.”

Which roughly translates to “correlation does not equal causation.”

I remember when my pal Coco died. I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. I felt so lonely being the only pug in the house. I didn’t know who to share my wisdom with or who to play with. My human then got me a very special toy. It was more responsive than the other toys I had had before. This toy was also kept separately in the night. Slowly, I realized that this toy could actually grow and that it wasn’t a toy but a brother from another mother. My human called him Max, I call him a inferior being.


Well that was all I had about q-riosity and mental health. My human gave me only an hour to write this. How will I ever tell him how much potential he wastes within me? People in general today are slightly leaning more towards knowledge of mental illnesses. People are trying to learn about them. There still are some people who stay away from this issue and the knowledge but I will change their mind with my cuteness.

For now, this superior life form must leave you with this pedigree for the mind.

So long humans,

Your future dictator,


(It is not ‘Kal’, the hindi of ‘tomorrow’ but ‘Kal” from ‘Kal-El’, the last son of Krypton. The symbol of hope and the puppy of steel.)