April ends and with it ends the A to Z challenge, 2018.

It was a great experience where I met and interacted with a lot of different blogs and bloggers. The month started with bright optimism and ended with the dexterity of an owl hunting in the day. It was my first go at a challenge of this kind.

There are many people I am grateful to. These people kept me going throughout the month and taught me about so many aspects of life. The knowledgeable daily posts of twitter.com@nuttynupur (nutatut.com) and twitter.com/@lavmuses (www.thelavmuse.com) were great learning curves for a person seeking knowledge of the Hindu culture. The anecdotes of twitter.com/@wanderfulb (https://www.trinalooksback.com/)were thought provoking and inspiring at the same time. The brave takes of twitter.com/@Ashwini_Menon (https://www.ashwinis-perceptions.blogspot.in) on feminism and the stories of a woman through the many phases of life by twitter.com/@Awestruck_Aks (www.akswrites.com) were something we all need in the current times. They were informative and entertaining at the same time.

A special mention to twitter.com/@anagha_yatin (https://www.canvaswithrainbow.com)and twitter.com/@deepakarthik77 (Syncwithdeep.wordpress.com) as well. Anagha has been improving in her fiction writing constantly and the 26 stories of a family were the peak of her powers. Deepa started blogging only two months back and now has a much stronger social presence than I do. It just goes to show how much determination can play a role in the social world.

The economics lessons by twitter.com/@tarequelaskar (https://itsthemarket.wordpress.com/)continue to be the highlight of April for me.

I might have missed out on a few names and I put it down to  my blunt memory when it comes to names. I have made many new friends and fellow bloggers the last month and I believe that I now have more allies for my efforts in improving the outlook of mental illnesses in India.

It has to be a community effort to bring a change and we have a long way to go.

Upwards and onwards.