I have written a lot of posts on http://www.knightofsteel.com. I think it is about 230 on the day I write this (May, 2018). It is with immense pleasure that I announce my upcoming eBook titled “A to Z of Mental Health”

It will be a collection of 26 posts that I have written. Most of them for a challenge and some old re-runs. It is important that you understand how much work I have put in for each topic.


Every article included hours of intensive literature review with as little up for subjective interpretation as possible. I have spent almost 100 hours going through about 25 different research articles and journals. An effort to keep the language simple and understandable was the second most important issue of this collection. A lot of effort has been put in to make sure that these articles are easily accessible.


The eBook covers a diverse range of topics. From the mental health of the armed forces to the practical aftermaths of a suicide. It also covers illnesses like BPD, OCD and various others. It also includes previously ignored aspects like mentions of depression in the Bhagavad Gita and other ancient texts.

Other Details.

The eBook is launching on 22 May 2018 but all the articles included have already been posted on http://www.knightofsteel.com. If you don’t wish to buy it, you are free to go through the articles on the website. Spreading knowledge and awareness is the main purpose of this eBook, not making profits. You might have to scurry a bit through the website and if you need help with that you may contact me for help.

The book can be downloaded on the following link

Free Download eBook

I hope to make an impact with this eBook but I also understand that it is a small beginner’s step and not the ultimate destination. This is the first step of a long journey and I will appreciate all the help I can get.

Yours truly,

Arjun Gupta