I can always do more. We can always be better than we were the day before. There are many people who work hard and wait for the success to come to them. I am not one of those.

I don’t wait for success. Success won’t come to me, I will have to go out there and get it. It is often said that good work eventually gets the credit it deserves. I am often quoted the example of Mendel. He was a man who did pioneer work in genetics and although it wasn’t appreciated in his time, it later became the basis of genetic biology thanks to DeVries et al. Today his name is remembered in kind thoughts among scientists and in curses among biology students. He is successful and remembered even after his death, 2 things I often share are the goals of my life. Yet, his story doesn’t cover me with the brightness of optimism, it actually makes me fill up with dread.

Would recognition that comes after my death really be worth it? If you were successful decades after your death, would it really be the same as being successful in life? For me, the answer is a big no, a no bigger than a black hole. It’s nice to be remembered, to be cherished after death but for me it would be even better to be celebrated both before and after life.

I am a seeker. I’ll try and keep it as simple as possible. I seek progress and development of my blog, my goals and my own self. It keeps me going and pushes me to work harder everyday than the day before. I try and bring up novel ways to help people and I do so everyday. If success doesn’t come to me in the future, I’ll grab it by the scruff of its neck and bring it to the present.

Patience is often brought up as a virtue but for me, patience can soon become complacency. I could stop blogging for a few weeks if I was being patient. I might even lose my knack for it overtime. I don’t want that. People tell me to be patient but there is a very thin line between patience and complacency. If the fire within to improve is covered for too long it might put the fire out. The fire in me burns.

It burns bright and it aims to engulf the whole world in its flames.

You may try and cover it or put it out but you can’t.

This fire is coming.

It is coming to light up the lives of the people in the dark, to push people out of their apathy and work.

It is coming to melt the ice covered hearts and to be the hope of the lost. The warming sun for those shaking with anxiety and the instigator of productive action.

The fire is coming.