I am often amused by the mixture of thoughts and opinions that my mind is. Just a few days back I was excited about the fact I was about to get an eBook published soon. A few days later I was determined as I talked about working towards what you want rather than waiting for it. This was then surprisingly and almost ironically, melancholic for a couple of days. My mind is funny when it comes to this. It likes to play games with me. It changes as quickly as the London weather and any attempt to predict its near future would be a folly.

In the period between last week of April and second week of May, I went from feeling pride to doubt to uselessness and then some pride again. Of course, there were events which might have led to these thought processes but should a person really be this unstable with his moods? How often is it ok to have a change of mood? When is it okay to have a change of mood? I would love to hear from you on this.

I sometimes feel guilty about not socialising more and feeling guilt makes me think that I should do something instead of simply feeling guilty. I struggle to find the time due to my exams and that reinforces it all. I also think that simply writing isn’t going to help a lot. I should hold seminars and talks as well to have an impact on the grassroots level. A lot of ideas run through my head and it sometimes fills my mind up with unsavoury thoughts.

My mind has a lot of contradictions. It seems that it is always trying to falsify itself. It’s not very nice but it’s not reducing a lot either. I would love to hear from you on this. I welcome suggestions, thoughts and everything you can think of.

It might help someone in need.