InstaGita By Nupur Maskara

A Review.

Insta Gita is a 74 page short version of the Bhagavad Gita, a book that is considered as one of the most important holy texts in Hinduism. Nupur pointed out in the book that she takes the book as more of a philosophical guide rather than a religious text. It is an emotion that resonates with many Hindus. It is also important to note that for someone to be able to explain something in concise, they need to know everything in detail. Insta Gita is a true ode to the power and beauty that poetry can hold. It is short and concise and yet power packed. It is not an easy job to compress one of the greatest religious texts into a 74 page eBook but Nupur has shown that the advertising writer is well and alive somewhere inside her.

The book is a great advertisement for people who wish to learn more about the Gita. It portrays the whole war from the eyes of Arjuna. It is easy to understand and the flow of the poetry feels like water flowing in a river. The visuals next to the text and for each chapter are a thing of beauty and make the whole book more attractive than it would be if blank. The text size sometimes proves to be an issue but the short packages it is delivered in makes up for it most of the time. Much like the Bhagavad Gita, it questions the various concepts of humanity, existence, morality duty, honor and so on. It also talks about the various Gunas of life and how they affect our personality. Once you reach the end of it, you will end wanting more of it which is what every book should be like.

It is a must read for all people, young and old. If you think the Gita is too long and boring, this is the book for you. It won’t deliver every message the way the Gita does it but it will give you a gist of what the holy text is all about. There is very little that I could pick out in this book which could have improved which shows both the skills and ingenuity of the writer and my naivety as a reviewer. Since the book was such a short and sweet ride, I believe it would only be fitting if the review it gets is a short and sweet one as well. The author deserves huge praises and accolades for completing this mammoth task in such a pleasurable and poetic way.

The book is available for a free download on the following link