Golden Rainbow By Balaka Basu

A Review.

Balaka Basu authors a 30 page eBook which is packed with lessons to its very core. Balaka goes through the letters A to Z and shares the anecdotes of people she has met, known or talked to throughout her life. Going through the short stories is like a visit to Kolkata and the typical Bengali life. The reader will connect with so many characters from their own real life but with different names. The use of Bengali vernacular for common items also gives a more culturally embedded feel to the whole book.

The anecdotes are not merely stories for perusal but also a smart commentary on the various aspects of society. The reader will experience the whole spectrum of human emotions all the way from pity to inexplicable joy. The stories are lessons of life. It is often said that literature is a mirror of life and this mirror is not just uni-dimensional. It has various layers and depths and the reader must spend some quality time on each story to understand the true depth.

The one minor flaw that can be picked out is in the formatting and adjustment of a manuscript from a blog post to a book. It is also true that when the quality of content is so high, it may be overlooked by most. The choice of words, writing and expression paints a picture in itself. This book is not just a onetime read; it is much more and much deeper than you think. It gets better with each reading. The writer deserves accolades for having a range as diverse as this without giving up on quality on any one of them.

It is truly an under-rated gem.

You can download the ebook for free on this link