Over the past few months I have been going through various articles over the internet claiming to show what depression is ‘really’ like. Put it in the search box of Google and you will see thousands of articles,blogs, Facebook posts and so much more all claiming to show the true face of depression. One thing you would notice on reading all these articles is that none of them are really consistent with one another.One article claims that depression is bad physical hygiene with a lack of motivation to do anything, another claims that it is not being able to be happy and difficulty in feeling anything or expressing it.

The lack of a proper consensus among the general population as well as the professional ones is a major factor in why depression faces such a taboo around itself. People give their own anecdotes and believe that that is what depression is like and their experiences were the real ones and if someone else has had different experiences and claims to be depressed then they must be lying, seeking attention or they haven’t had it as hard as others. Not that they are right to think so, but this is what people think.

The versatility depression shows when it manifests itself in people is truly staggering. There are just so many things that could trigger it and if there is nothing in particular it could end up being genetically caused. Different people have different type of depression, it is what makes it so hard to treat and deal with. There is no single magical solution to all of this which would be applicable to every single depressed person on the planet.

So to conclude, I would just say, there is no ‘real’ look of depression, it can happen to anyone, at anytime and manifest itself in any way. It could be thisdownload (1)

or this,

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and so many more things, manifestations and other stuff. This is what makes depression so hard to understand and deal with for anyone. So don’t fall for anyone claiming to show you what depression really looks like, it is not really possible to do so.