Salutations to the human world and it’s all 6 humans. This is Max. A 9 month old pug who is not afraid of kicking names and taking butts. You must have read a lot about my brother Kal. He is so huge that i sometimes feel that he is a semi human. He is black and when I asked him why he is black, my human scolded me and said I can’t just ask why pugs are black. It was a whole race thing I guess. I love all races, especially the 100m sprint.

 Back to the point, I was wondering where the whole concept of colours comes from and my human said some jumbo jumbo human words. I ended up learning that it is because of different amounts of colours within our skin. It is something we cannot change. My human then told me that other humans do bad things because of this. Pugs are not like that. We just sniff all buttholes irrespective of caste, colour, race, gender, religion, breed, presence or absence of tail or number of paws. We are just simple beings, we see a bum, we sniff it and they all are amazing in their own sense.

 I also have some gossip on my brother Kal. You know he is afraid of things that can hover around in the air? One time I told him he can fly and he ended up jumping off the bed with his limbs all over. That was a good day, he bit me a lot after that. The biggest gossip though about Kal is yet to come. HE DOES NOT LIKE BELLY RUBS!!! This makes me ashamed to even call him my brother. He is a disgrace for all pugs around the globe and deserves to be hung by his arms and (tick)led..(haha WORD PLAY) ..endlessly until he starts liking his goddamn belly rubs.

 I learned one thing in pug training and that was no matter what happens, always like belly rubs. If a lifetime of (tick)les is what it takes for him to understand it, that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

 Goodbye my black brother from another father.

 Oops, I got that wrong.

My human told me about this.

 Let’s try again.

Goodbye my African-American brother from another father. (haha MISDIRECTION. I know  I am funny)

 Enjoy the (tick)les.