There was once a blind storyteller who saw a terrible dream. He saw a world of monsters taking over people’s minds. He saw a world where people weren’t alive but not dead. He decided he was going to change the world. The written word was how he wanted to do it.

Soon people started gathering around and listening to his tale. The storyteller could hear them speak but he thought he knew best.

He soon started seeing that the people were many.

When asked he who was willing to change there weren’t raised hands any.

He sought to take the people on a march, a march that would change the end.

The storyteller walked, The people followed.

Little did the blind man know; The people he led were deaf.

As I try to not end up like the storyteller, I understand that I need to reach more people, more easily.

The attentions spans of people are decreasing and the habit of reading seems like hard work now. It is with this in mind that I am glad to inform that I will soon be starting a YouTube channel to make my opinions more accessible.

The videos will be in both Hindi and English, the two official languages in India as I try to take concrete steps to getting information on mental health to the Indian masses. I will deal with what mental health is, why it is so important and its entire trench like depths.

Your support will be very important throughout for me. I hope you can find the time to support me for my channel as you have supported me for your blog. This channel will be a solo effort like my blog. It looks like I work well alone. The first videos (English & Hindi) come out on 10th September, 2018 which is also the World Suicide Prevention Day.

I hope to see you then.


Knight of Steel.