Knight of Steel was a blog that was started in 2017 to increase awareness among people about mental health and mental illnesses. Since then me and this blog have come a long way in this journey of trying to help people. A question that is frequently asked is that how can a blog help someone fight depression or anxiety? I will try and answer that question here and try to convince you how contacting or getting in touch with me could actually be helpful to whoever it is you are trying to help, whether it is a family member, friend or colleague.


It becomes easier for them to understand other sufferers when a person who has been through a mental illness. The past experiences generate empathy and a connectedness that wouldn’t normally exist when talking to people who don’t have a past with diagnosed mental illnesses. There are many things that one might think is unreasonable or illogical but to me it wouldn’t really matter. I would understand that your feelings and thoughts are genuine and I won’t spend time arguing what you should call your feelings. Instead of that I will spend more time in listening to you and trying to understand your point of view.  Empathy is one of my strong suits. I know it is easy to find in people but I must also say that many try to use logic or rationale when talking to others. The thing is that feelings aren’t always logical and I understand that.

Online Therapy Partnerships

Apart from lending a helping ear, Knight of Steel also has some partnerships with online therapy providers. The providers are primarily psychologists but psychiatrists are also available at They are my official partners and would be willing to serve anyone who thinks they need it. Apart from them, there are also many other online therapy providers. I am not in an official partnership with them but I can refer you to them to help you.

No Charges

What I want when someone reaches out to me is that their own health and wellbeing is of their primary importance. I don’t want to get into the technicalities that would be attached with charging people with fees and all the shed loads of formalities that come along with it. If I do decide to make money from this blog, it would be while keeping in mind that there is no added difficulty for you in reaching out. I might get some ads, do some openly sponsored posts or partnerships but I won’t take money from those who seek help from me.

I have already been helping many people fight their demons both through this blog and my other social media profiles. If you feel like you would be more comfortable in talking to me there, you may text me there and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

You can contact me on

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I will always be willing to help you and always put your feelings and your emotions at the centre of our conversation. This is what separates me from many others.

I will be focusing on you, not myself.