Hi everyone!

The people who have been following my blog for a while would understand why today is such a big occasion for me. The people who have recently started following my blog will be up to pace soon enough.

It was about 500 days back that I came forward publicly about my struggles with depression. It was when everything changed and what got me where I am today. That was a time when I could hardly talk to people I considered friends; being able to talk to total strangers was not even a dream, let alone a distant one.

Slowly I started writing a blog. It gave me a vent to channel my emotions and thoughts. Slowly it developed into a more of a hybrid of personal and public blog. I decided I would do more to increase awareness about mental illnesses. I started arranging some seminars and presentations in schools to get my message across. Slowly the blog got to where it is today.

My girlfriend, Nandini, told me I should consider making a Youtube channel as I could reach more people through that but I rejected the idea outright. I didn’t think I was confident or good looking enough to be on YouTube. I was also under the impression that it takes lot of work to be a YouTuber. Well all that has changed in 500 days.

This month I started filming videos for my YouTube channel. The theme and the name remains the same as I continue to try and change people’s perception of mental illnesses and depression in particular. About 15 minutes back, I published my first video. This one talks about the menace of Student Suicide in India and what we can do to prevent it. This video is in Hindi, my native language so for those who would prefer an English video, I would ask them to be patient for another week.

You can check it out here https://youtu.be/CLZloz-nBZk

You are welcome to subscribe to my channel and share your ideas. It is a huge step for me personally and I would be thankful if you join me on the ride.

For this and all that is yet to come,

Thank you.

For everything.