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That Year I Found Me.

‘That Year I Found Me’ is a 126-page book about self discovery and relationships written by Dr. Ruchi Chopra Nasa. It is a story of a doctor, Neha told through the means of diary entries. Neha, who had always been an introvert in life, found her life turned upside down.  She had been adjusting every time for the people around her until something happened that changed it all. Her marriage taught her some important lessons in life both as an individual and as a part of the society in general.

When it comes to the structuring of the book, Dr. Ruchi does a pretty good job as she combines the lows of life with the highs. The story has a clear progression from the bad to the good and from the pain to the peace. This is also well intertwined with stories from the past and the history of the relationship. The pain in the initial chapters is expressed well. It makes the reader relate to the character and also stresses the amount of pain and torment that Neha is going through. There is a part where the author chose to use repetition to stress an important point but for me, it soon became annoying. That is the only flaw that I could find in the book related to the content. There were a few issues which can be ironed out with proof reading but the content of the book is otherwise well sewn together.

The book will teach the reader a lot about many aspects of human life. It will leave you with new perspectives on marriage, parenthood and self discovery. It will also make you question the norms of society and the challenges that come with having to bend to its demands. ‘That Year I Found Me’ is as much a story about self discovery as it is about marital issues. The protagonist goes through the whole cycle of questioning who she is to finding it out. The title is hence a very apt one.

Marriage is often something that is misrepresented in pop culture. It is assumed that people in love will continue to be in love after marriage forever as well but that is not so. This book tackles that particular issue and mentions the importance of trust, communication, love and hard work, all of which is necessary in order to have a successful marriage.

Parenthood and how it binds people together and changes lives is another aspect of the book. Neha’s son, although, has few lines of his own; yet he plays an integral part in the overall story. Every action that Neha and her husband take is always done with their child as the top priority. Society and not bowing down to its pressures is the main message of the story as the protagonist often rejects the norms of society to do what she wants to do.

In conclusion, ‘That Year I Found Me’ is a well compiled book that touches many issues that people in the middle ages face. It asks existential questions and yet continues to be optimistic. It questions the bed rocks of society, parenthood and marriage and answers them as well. It stresses the importance of communication, trust and love and how those three combine to build a happy life and a happy family.

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