An Anonymous reader shares her story:

“It begins from June 2015. At this stage; I was studying in class 10 and didn’t knew what depression or mental illness was?? During this time, I started isolating myself.

There was a drastic change in my attitude, even I didn’t knew what was happening to me? I used to lock up myself in a room and start crying for hours. I didn’t liked going to anywhere nor talking to someone. I even didn’t liked going to school and was forcefull taken to.I used to just think of running away from home and committing suicide. With my behaviour my parents were too anxious. During depression I have taken so many pills and even one day injection also. In Hisar I consulted all the psychiatrist,councillors but still there was no output. And now more than 18 months have passed. During this course I have skipped lots of dinners and sleep.

Then came August 2017, even I didn’t knew what happened to me and I narrated all my problem to my chemistry tution teacher. She was such a positive lady that she told that write all your problems and sufferings in a diary and later threw it away. Daily listen to my problem and understand. I really got inner strength from her and after going home daily I used to wrote down all my frustrations and problems. I think writing our own frustrations and sufferings plus communicating are the major tools to get rid-off depression.

Later I even joined yoga and meditation class.