I have loved it so far…

Knight of Steel has been a solo effort so far. I have been working on this blog for 18 months now. This included 250+ posts most of which were about some new perspectives on mental health. Now I have a book coming soon. It is already available in USA, Europe and Japan and also available on Kindle. I also started a new YouTube channel as I try to spread my influence over the video blogging sphere and put my below average, pimple-ridden face out for the world to see.

Its getting a bit tough…

It has become a tad bit difficult for me to keep track of everything that is going on in my life at the same time. Blogging has gone on the back burner a bit as you guys can see. I spend most of the time either recording or editing my videos. If you are thinking of starting a vlog, trust me when I say this, editing a video is like trying to find a small needle in the needle haystack. You could spend hours editing a video and still believe that the video is no good.

Let your voice be heard…

So with all this going on in my life, I have decided the best way to keep my website more active and engaging is to make it open for public submissions. You need to have a Facebook ID to log in and you can submit whatever you would like to. It can be an opinion piece, poetry, personal story or anything you want it to be. I will make sure that your voice is heard as well. It could even be a opinion that is politically incorrect or one that deviates from the popular opinion. If it is related to mental health or its aspects, I will make sure that it gets published and you get your opinion heard.

So send in your submission. Log in through Facebook and have yourself heard. I will try and get a Google sign-in option as soon as possible too.

I hope this works out well.

You can also visit my YouTube channel at this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-tLNNB7UALF_SDgVC7F2Dw?view_as=subscriber and buy my eBook ‘A-Z of Mental Health’.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section 😊