People live in a state of flow. We like to work in a schedule. We like to flow in the current of time from the day to the night. We wake up, get ready, go to work/school/college,eat, work, get back and sleep. It’s all pretty simple. The time in the middle is spent by scrolling through the internet or making small talk with people around us.

We all want good things to happen and we feel happy when we see someone do good things, but that’s where it stops. Good doesn’t happen from the efforts of one man. It doesn’t happen in an instant and it certainly doesn’t happen all at once. We slowly move towards it. We push and push and work until we reach some thing we can call a goal but most of us stop there.

I have people telling me that I’m doing good work or wishing me all the best for the future but how do I explain it to them that my work wouldn’t mean anything if it didn’t reach the people it should. I am not going to achieve a thing until I can inspire people to be agents of change themselves.

Only when my work is shared among people will it reach the people who need it. I do work that depends on the people it reaches. I could keep writing books over books or videos over videos but it wouldn’t mean anything if it isn’t heard by as many people as possible.

We find ourselves in shackles but we like being in shackles. Freedoms scares us, for it brings uncertainty. We have to break this apathy that we live in everyday. We are used to some terrible things because that is how we have always remembered them. We are used to the good and the bad because, well, it will keep going on and if it doesn’t, it wouldn’t effect us. The problem is that that is how we end up being still and if we are still there is no way we are going to move ahead.

The next time you see something happening that you would consider bad in other circumstances, do something to stop it. If you like what’s happening, appreciate it and ask if there’s anyway you can contribute.

Criticize and don’t be afraid of criticism.

Whatever happens, break that damned apathy for once.